Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Gift vouchers / coupons

We do not offer this as standard. We can write on our business card the amount paid by you + the recipient's phone number as a voucher code, "valid until DDMMYYYY" (the validity date is always 1 year from the date of signature) and sign it. This will be a provisional voucher / coupon. The recipient activates the voucher by bringing it or writing "voucher code=my phone number" in the notes to the order. We will contact him by phone for verification. The voucher can be paid for and picked up in person. To send the voucher, send the specified amount + 60CZK postage (registered mail) to our account and e-mail your address and telephone number of the recipient.

The phone provided by us will only be used to verify the activation of the voucher so that it cannot be copied. After using the voucher or expiring the voucher, the phone will be deleted from our database.

General rules for discounts

Discounts do not apply to the sale category and the Satisfyer brand. Discounts never apply to virgins, except for professional customers. Discount programs can be terminated at any time.

Quantity discount 5% over 200 Eur

Purchase over 200 Eur - 5% discount on goods. Exceptionally, the 10% discount can be achieved.

10% discount for reviews on the web or Google

For Extasica review on Google or anonymous evaluation of products on our website, we will grant a discount of 5% (for 2-3 products) 10% (for 4 or more products) on your next purchase. At the end of the evaluation, write the order number - we will use it to find your e-mail for discount instructions. After 30 days from the purchase, all data about you in our database is deleted for privacy reasons and sending will not be possible.

Paid collaboration for influencers and other internet supporters

viz Affiliate We will sign you up for the program based on your email, where please tell us how you can promote us.

Discount for sex shops with exceptions 20%

Why can't I register a customer account and always have to fill in my address, mail and phone number again?

Your personally identifiable information is very sensitive personal data in connection with an intimate purchase or even a visit to an intimate site. It is safest for your privacy if they are not kept anywhere longer than necessary to process your order.

Why doesn't my invoice contain my customer ID?

The Act on Accounting requires the archiving of accounting and tax documents for 5 years. In order to protect your personal data, we issue a simplified tax document as far as possible without identifying the customer. This document is lawful and can be used in accounting. Upon request we will issue a full invoice.

The item cannot be added to the basket (the blurred button Add to basket)

You may not have chosen a variation (such as size or color) or the label "not in stock“. With the exception of exceptions (sex dolls, large plugs), we block orders for non-stock goods in order to prevent misunderstandings. Upon request, we will confirm availability and reservation by phone or email.

Is the goods declared in stock really in stock? Can I see it at the store?

"in stock"(For a product with multiple variations, select the specific variation for information) means immediate availability at the store. The warehouse is integrated into the online store. All goods in stock are available for non-binding examination at the store.

Your sex toys are cheap compared to other sex shops. Are low prices at the expense of quality?

see page About us

Warranty? We lost the invoice

2 years (when buying a business it can be less see Terms and Conditions). We can identify the guarantee document by the document number.

Returns and complaints

You always have the right to complain about product defects. In addition, the consumer may withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance up to 14 under the conditions provided by law. In this case, pay attention to custom-made products and the specifics of sexual products for intimate areas (typically dildos and vibrators, penis rings, etc.) and other hygienically demanding products (whip, bondage tape, etc.), namely opening the hygienic package (more Terms and Conditions).

How hard is my sexual device (rubber, TPE, PVC “rubber”) purchased here and from the competition?

Hardness of sex toys in the product description. We will measure your sex toy for free with a digital durometer.

Visitors' comments

Anyone can comment or rate and is approved subject to the conditions of decency, legality and materiality.

Pay Pal

Pay Pal is not allowed in our country due to too high a fee (2.5% compared to 0.7% for payment cards) and other nonsensical restrictions.

For others, contact us by email or phone.

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