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Fucking Machine Remote Control

Reviews of the Enhot Sex Machine 95%

Summary: We have been waiting a long time for a fucking machine with such good parameters. A more powerful 120W motor than similarly sized competitors' machines is noticeable.

Převadečka - Journalist erotic short story

Part I - The Journalist

Vlad looks at me hungrily as usual. I can feel how he's overtired. He strokes my pussy through my shorts. We're lying next to each other. He unzips my shorts and pushes

Anal lubricant test

Anal lube test

We evaluate and score the friction, protection and user comfort of lubricants during anal play and the introduction of larger toys into the anus.

Pro 4 Fuck Machine - detailed review

In the article we take a look at a quality long tuned fuck machine, the Pro 4 Fuck Machine from the Bristol based manufacturer Fuck Machine. It may be the best of its kind, but

The myth of the leak-free penis cage

Customers often ask for a cage that can be worn for long periods of time and from which there is no escape. Cages for long-term wear exist and weigh up to 200 grams. I

Sakurai Speculum XO review

The Sakurai Speculum XO is the widest Sakurai Speculum variant produced. An equally wide but longer version of the Sakurai Speculum XXO is also produced, but at the same stretch


Fantasy dildos

Exciting trunks, dinosaurs, snakes, dragon and dog dildos.


Clinic sex

Urethral dilators, gynaecological mirrors or penis cages.