Comparison of Womanizer vs. Satisfyer pulse vibrators

pulse vibrators priming test

Comparisons of Womanizer vs Satisfyer clitoral pulse vibrators are usually several years old, where a Womanizer for 200 Euros is compared to an old plastic Satisfyer for 25 Euros. You only learn about features, controls and material. Here we want to tell you how the currently manufactured pulse vibrators affect your body and in what...

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Pro 4 Fuck Machine - detailed review

In the article we take a look at a quality long tuned fuck machine, the Pro 4 Fuck Machine from the Bristol based manufacturer Fuck Machine. It may be the best of its kind, but it still has a lot of room for improvement. Packaging The packaging of the Pro 4 Fuck Machine is excellent. Efficient, minimalist. All parts are very well protected with padding and...

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The myth of the leak-free penis cage

Customers often ask for a cage that can be worn for long periods of time and from which there is no escape. Cages for long-term wear exist and weigh up to 200 grams. Even so, this is not ideal due to limited blood supply. There is no such thing as a penis cage from which there is no escape. The cage attaches behind the testicles. The testicles can always be...

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Sakurai Speculum XO review

The Sakurai Speculum XO is the widest Sakurai Speculum variant produced. An equally wide but longer version of the Sakurai Speculum XXO is also produced, but less comfortable at the same stretch. That's why it's not used by porn actresses, and we don't offer it for the same reason. We will compare the unbranded version of the Sakurai speculum and the Sakurai speculum XO from...

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Big Train Fuck

Short story The Great Train Fuck preview

This porn story is sexually oriented and is intended for those over 18 years of age. Younger ones please leave this page. After a long time again a short story :). Dedicated to a friend 🙂 22.6.2022 It's January. Frost without snow. I take the bus to Jičín to meet a marketing consultant for our sex shop. I have mixed feelings about the meeting, whether I...

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Sex Toy Materials

Materials of sexual aids - silicone, TPE, TPR, PVC, leather, liquid silicone, etc. Description of characteristic features, qualities and disadvantages. Market share of sex aids materials for insertion into the body (estimate) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in various qualities 50% TPR 15-20% silicone 10% (3% liquid premium platinum silicone) TPE 5-10% residual latex, glass and metal Silicone Chemical nature

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Domestic sex like in a porn movie? Illusion or reality?

short cheap reprimands

In the media, we usually hear the opinions of sexologists and porn actors that porn films are an illusion and that sex at home does not work like that. This is only partly true and less and less so as time goes on. Most people see sex as an adjunct to partner life, where it is necessary to limit oneself to activities that are basic...

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Sex Toy Trends 2021

Elephant trunk dildo XL grey

The definite trend for sex toys in 2021 is dildos made of high quality material (liquid silicone). Sometimes the term premium silicone or platinum silicone is also used (not to be confused with the old hard silicone known as medical silicone). They come in a variety of shapes including animal shapes - dog, horse, snake, octopus dildos and fantasy shapes - ogre...

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Reviews of erotic dating sites

In this review we compare Czech erotic dating sites for August 2021, the most frequently mentioned and probably the biggest on the Czech internet -, For addition, Amatéř (very marginally also a dating site) and Tinder as a non-erotic dating site for comparison. Testing conditions Men: (paid membership) - profile: looking for a slim girl for a long-term flirt aged 26-42,...

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