How can I buy anonymously?

Anonymous purchases in our sex shop can be made through places used to collect shipments, such as (= and its foreign European equivalents. You can enter a fake first and last name for such a pick-up, as you will receive the pick-up password on your mobile phone and e-mail. Many of our customers take advantage of this. Neither we nor the carrier will know your identity. You can also buy anonymously in the stone shop of our sex shop in Prague Nusle.

Discreet packaging

Goods are shipped in an opaque box. Sender Name: Extas. When sent by post, the name of a Czech worker. In the physical store of our sexshop is always available opaque free packaging.

Customer privacy

All customer data and purchases are confidential and protected in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR.

We process contact and identification data filled in by customers in the order form of this e-shop, ie. to the extent necessary for processing the order. Processing takes place automatically via the database of the trading system and also by email, which sends an order confirmation. They are accessible to 2 named people and a programmer. Within 6 weeks (exceptionally within 2 months) We have deleted all your personal data from us since the order was placed. In the next 2 months we will delete the last backup with your data. In other words, after 6 weeks, we don't even know about you anymore and we can't contact you alone. Due to legitimate interest, server protection, our hosting provider keeps IP addresses, pages accessed by these IP addresses, and times of access for 1 month.

The person whose data we process has the right to: ask us to transmit information in a structured machine-readable format (by email or personally) collected about that person; their rectification, erasure or processing restriction (unless the law imposes an obligation to preserve them); file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority of the Czech Republic (Office for Personal Data Protection). This office oversees compliance with privacy regulations (including GDPR).

We do not process or use personal information in comments. If the comments and ratings contain personal data of an identifiable person, the affected person is entitled to request their removal in addition to the rights above. We do not process personal data from complaints. We do not send ad mails, bulk messages, or review requests.

When you consent to the sending of news, your email is stored for the purpose of sending news about our products no more than 4 times a year. You can unsubscribe from the database with one click on the "unsubscribe" button (this is in every email you receive).

The administrator of personal data is the trade operator (see business conditions) registered also with the Office for Personal Data Protection. The representative and agent for the protection of personal data is JUDr. Ing. Vladimír Koranda, Ph.D., contact mail and phone see page contact. Data in the business and mail database are encrypted and password protected. Potential leakage of personal data will be reported to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Czech Republic within 72 hours.

List of providers of external IT services and transport (processors of our personal data) and their use of our personal data

We transfer data only to the carrier Zásilkovna sro (ie =, which will deliver the consignments itself or hand them over to the carrier of your choice (list on the cash register page) to the extent necessary for delivery. Ie. for example, we do not provide the address when picking up the goods at vending machines or dispensing points. Carriers use a contact e-mail to announce the acceptance of the shipment for transport, and a contact e-mail or mobile phone to notify the readiness of the consignment for delivery. processes the data for a period of 3 months from delivery and subsequently anonymizes them.

The hosting and email provider for our sex shop is a reputable provider Cesky hosting spol. THINline sro. Its server has a database of orders, customer contact details and emails confirming orders before we delete everything (see above). The provider does not have permission to view this database. The email provider for our sex shop is also Google LLC, there is a copy of emails on its server, containing data about orders (identification of purchased items and contact details of customers) before we delete everything (see above).

Provides a payment gateway ComGate Payments, as (ComGate). ComGate is a company licensed by the Czech National Bank as a payment institution. When transferring by card or fast online transfer, ComGate will receive your name and surname, email, identification data, accounts and banks, respectively. payment cards and identification of our e-shop. Comgate retains this data for a period specified by legislation (ie usually 5 years after the end of the marketing year).

(It is prepared for customers only from the Czech and Slovak Republics) If you check the consent to send the Heurek satisfaction questionnaire on the checkout page, we will send the customer's email, purchase content, time of purchase, identification of our store and Heureka Group as. This data is stored in a pseudonymized form for 6 months from the sending of the questionnaire, and for a period of 4 years if you complete the Heureka questionnaire.

Storing cookies and website history on your PC

We store a cookie file with the contents of the shopping cart on your PC. If the website stored it on the server under the visitor's IP, there would be collisions due to the use of 1 IP by more than one home or business network user. The only other option is a customer account. However, for customer protection reasons, we do not allow it, see the section below. We also store cookies about website settings (eg number of products per page, language, etc.). These files are necessary for the purchase and we store it for a legal reason.

We also store anonymized analytical cookies on your PC. We use independent 3rd party analytics and do not share analytics data. From the data, we will find out where you came to us from, what you viewed and for how long, your region or city, browser language, browser and operating system. These cookies help us anonymously determine the target group of customers, sources of traffic and which sources of traffic bring shopping customers. It makes sense for us to present ourselves further in the places identified in this way. These cookies only work with an anonymized IP address (i.e. the front part of the IP address, capable of identifying only the user's city).

Our cookies have an expiration time of 30 days (the standard is 30 days to 2 years). Web browsers are usually factory-set to remember cookies in addition to the deletion command history of the pages you visit. To maintain privacy in particular on a shared PC consider deleting cookies and browsing history in your browser settings. Do not access from corporate networks where your permission to delete cookies and history may be restricted. Your business typically logs history on the enterprise server beyond the above, and sexual themes are subject to company bans and company tracking alarms.