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1. We are looking for affiliate partners. Contact us by email or phone and we will register you.

2. The reward is 10% from turnover. The affiliate partner can request a reward (min. 500 CZK) after 30 days from the order, unless the shipment has been returned. When requesting payment of a reward, the affiliate will issue an invoice or ask Extasica to assist in issuing the invoice.

3. Affiliate partner can buy toys with 10% discount. The discount on reviewed toys is negotiated individually according to the quality and influence of the review and according to the price of the toy.

4. Affiliate program and discounts do not apply to Satisfyer, Fmachine products and the Sale category.

5. Cookies for commissions are valid for 30 days.

6. An affiliate link can be created on any product or page after logging in to the affiliate interface. The affiliate interface automatically records the conversion visits and rewards of the affiliate partner (individually and the total) and displays them to the affiliate partner after login.

7. Affiliate account is deleted and cooperation terminated after 3 months without conversion. Awarded rewards will be paid before deletion.

We undertake to announce the change of conditions here 30 days in advance. Affiliate program launched on November 9, 2020