About us

Activity:  sexshop, family business from 2016

Focus: BDSM, dildos, clinical sex (clinic), sex dolls

Scope: States European Union (+ Norway, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom)

Registered office: Czech Republic, Prague

Story and principles

According to our experience, sex shops in Europe offer low - quality sex toys, including dangerous products, at overpriced prices (for more see Sex Toy Museum).

Our goal is to carefully select quality toys for you from all over the world with sufficient added value. Such toys, which cannot be replaced by a cheaper product of the same quality. This is the basis of our principles: fair dealing, good reputation, a minimum of marketing, no harassment of emails and maximum protection of your privacy. On this page, you will read what we do and sometimes sacrifice to fulfill these principles.

My wife Phuong helps with the business. We select the goods ourselves and then test them. I have about 20 toys, including the ones I design for Extasica. The most popular is horse dildo. I like submissiveness, dominance and playing doctor and more partners. This also determines the focus of the business.

We write tips and recommendations (footers) from our own experience and in depth to help you and not as a marketing supplement. Don't expect fashionable mental esoteric wisdom, but only practical things to do, not to do and with what toys.

Vladimír Koranda (1978), co-founder (photo 10/2020)

Unusually low prices for sex toys - we do not sell beautiful boxes

You can buy alternative or even identical toys from the same manufacturer with us for a third of the price. For the possibility of comparing prices for products, we list EAN, if we know it. How is it possible?

When buying a sex toy, many people make irrational decisions, in excitement. The surcharge of European sex shops is usually 150-300%. According to the 2015 annual report, the largest store in the Czech Republic, Erotic City, has an average surcharge on the purchase price of 265%, after taking into account discounts and sales, ie. basic surcharge 300%. For larger online stores, the surcharge is about 100-120%. This does not correspond to the demands and risks of the business of sex shops. Erotic toys do not spoil, basically do not break down and can be stored easily and for a long time. We want fair prices for you. In the Extasica sex shop, the basic surcharge is only 65% (with sales and discounts approx. 60%). Therefore, we do not have discounts on goods or shipping. Limited opening hours, free software, usually simple packaging, smaller stocks and distribution directly from manufacturers allow low costs, ie low prices. We only publish 3% from turnover for advertising (the average of the industry is 10–15%). You, our customers, are our advertisement. That is why we ask you for recommendations in many places.

Privacy - We do not know or betray our customer

We do not know our customers. We will delete all your data after 6 weeks from the order. Protecting your privacy (more in Privacy) is, as far as possible, one of our highest priorities.

We are very pleased with customer reviews and evaluation in the category of sex shops on the largest business portal in the Czech Republic Heureka.cz for the entire period of existence of the Extasica sex shop (the lowest customer rating was 90%). But in 2018, we deactivated requests for reviews of Heurek's sex shop. Heureka's review script illegally took the data of all customers, not just those of Heureka. Other sex shops (95% sex shops in the Czech Republic) give Heureka customer data and have much more ratings. The vast majority without the customer's knowledge or with a legally prohibited pre-ticked consent, which the customer will not even notice. They also fail to inform the customer that Heureka will receive highly sensitive customer data - your email, information about the content of the purchase and other data. Customer reviews on Heureka, Google or elsewhere they are very valuable to us, but we will not betray the customer for them.

Quality and fair action

the best sex shopSexshop Extasica as one of the few does not sell products of poor quality for body cavities. It is better to take a cucumber. For sale we do not approve sex toys of the lowest quality (for more see Sex Toy Museum) such as dangerous vaginal mirrors, poor quality handcuffs, poor quality pumps or inflatable devices (air leaks, does not hold shape). Nylon or plastic restraint belts with Velcro. In 2016, we found these dangerous products in all major sex shops in the Czech Republic without exception. Even to one of the largest Czech sex shops, people of the month wrote on their website that the dangerous anal mirror cuts their mucosa. They still sold it :). Such an approach in Europe is not an exception, but unfortunately a standard. We throw away dangerous erotic toys here. If we offer low-quality but safe toys on sale, then for a fraction of the price with a loss and a description of the defects.

We provide true information in the articles and product descriptions. That should be the standard, but it's not. See, for example, whether your favorite sex shop lists a favorite marketing nonsense in the description of a vacuum pump, as the pump will lengthen your penis. . . We describe the advantages, disadvantages and alternative ways of using sex toys. If we don't like the new product, we won't try to sell it at full price - it goes straight to the sale. We usually compensate customers for mistakes with 10 % discount or free shipping.

Since 2018, we have been withdrawing from the segment of PVC and hard TPR dildos (artificial penises), which is still prevalent in the world. In the category dildos we just want to pay more attention TPE and liquid silicone. Only in the BDSM and clothing segments we also offer low quality sex toys made of PVC leather basically for effect and testing. Sexual BDSM toys made of genuine leather are significantly more expensive about 4-6x. This is a big leap, for example, when comparing the prices of quality and poor quality dildos or vibrators (2x).

The quality of the goods and fairness towards consumers in the Extasica sex shop is guaranteed by the editors magazinspotrebitele.czthat helps people free in legal matters in everyday life.

Selection, quality testing of erotic aids, description and photography

We usually choose sex toys at world exhibitions (Hong Kong, Shang Hai) from direct suppliers, a smaller part we choose on the Internet from manufacturers or distributors.  Of the products we have viewed for sale, we accept only 1% based on quality, appearance, variability of use and price. We are looking for added value, something that is not available for another erotic toy or a combination of them for the same price. It does not make sense to have, for example, handcuffs, hogtie cross, bed straps and other simple low-quality handcuffs, if it can be (often for the same or lower price) fully and safer replaced by a combination of quality leather handcuffs and a rope or stylish chain.

Products are tested before being put on offer (test methodology). It should not happen that you buy erotic toys from us that are easily capable of causing injuries or abrasions (eg Velcro harnesses or insufficiently sanded metal tools). Maybe you are deprived of a lot of products that we do not like or do not rate as quality. But you are sure that you will not buy a scumbag or something from us, which you will buy the same or almost the same elsewhere for half.

We photograph the goods ourselves in high resolution and normal light. We do not edit photos.

Development of own products - Extasica Design

They are not on the market high quality silicone large, animal or fantasy dildos up to 150 Eur. They are usually made only of PVC or vinyl, where both materials are too hard for a large toy. We produce and sell these dildos for a price of up to 100 Euros from 2020. We also develop a very thick, cheap lubricating gel in powder and liquid form with a medical certificate. We have a prototype of a fucking stand with a planned completion beginning in 2022 and a price of 1000 Euros. You will find all our products in the category Extasica Design.

For other things you didn't find with us, send a photo of the goods and we will price it without obligation.

What we don't want to offer

Latex as goods with a relatively increased hygienic and health risk (absence of ventilation, skin reactions). Latex can be replaced by a more natural, comfortable and cheaper alternative (eg role playing, costumes, sex in different places, handcuffs, metal and leather clothing). We perceive chemical stimulants, magnifying creams and other chemical products as unnatural and harmful (Poppers etc.). We are not satisfied with the design of erotic clothing in any price category and we are withdrawing from the segment. We have also withdrawn from the condom sector, where the market is functioning well.

Why do sex shops mainly have erotic aids from China and not from the USA or Europe?

70% erotic goods are made in China and this trend is strengthening. Not only because of the price, but paradoxically contrary to the common idea as well because of quality. Extasica even gradually deviates from renowned Western goods, as it is often of lower quality than well-selected non-branded Chinese products. China has long played a major role in the segment of erotic toys not only in terms of price, but also in terms of materials. For example Liquid silicone vibrators are manufactured only in China, although it is a technology purchased in 2019 from Germany (at least from the Chinese brand Mrimin). In the West, production simply does not pay off, and often not even the development. Reputable Western companies like PipeDream or Doc Johnson offer 10, 20 year old products until people stop buying it for that expensive money. Mostly also made in China. Typically, Pipedream has under its brand low-quality PVC dildos and lagging TPE dildos and many other low-quality generic products from China. Doc Johnson have excellent TPE Ultraskyn dildos and decent two-layer PVC anal plugs, but very bad PVC dildos also made in China. So most of our tools are from China. However, the same applies to all major European distributors and, of course, to European sex shops.

Your voice

Many companies, including successful ones, often do not care or reluctantly implement customer suggestions. E.g. Heureka forces sellers to invent meaningless product names. Paypal is unable to replenish a Czech citizen's credit in dollars. Not to mention the Czech Post. We are always happy for your suggestions. Your suggestions and negative responses help us move forward. Usually we fill them in a few days and it will help everyone. If you give us a rating on Heureka, Google or similar reference portals, it will help us a lot.


September 2016 start of the cheapest sexshop in the Czech Republic (smsexshop.cz), the first stone shop in the Czech Republic with silicone dolls

October 2018 and June 2019, discounting, improving and stabilizing the assortment, transition from smsexshop.cz to extasica.com

September 2019 Germany, Austria, Poland and other EU countries

November 2019 Erofest Praha

June 2020 design and development of own silicone fantasies and animal dildos

More information: Recommendations for buying and using sex toys, Terms and ConditionsMaterial and maintenance of sex toys