Terms and Conditions

Art. 1 Shop operator ("Seller")

Kim Phuong Vo Thi, registered office Družstevní ochoz 1378/21, 140 00, Prague, Czech Republic. Commercial identification number of person 87933977. Address of physical store Yippee Svatoslavova 554/1, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic Nusle, Czech Republic. The stone shop is also a contact point and a place for complaints and returns.

Art. 2 Prices, fees, Shipping, delivery time, VAT, payment options, EET, product manuals

I. Prices of transport and surcharge for payment on delivery will be displayed on the cashier page. Just put anything in the cart and go to the checkout and select the country of delivery. When ordering, you will receive shipping costs and payment surcharge upon delivery also in the order confirmation email. For some countries, we only accept prepay.

II. For dolls and heavier goods, for which, as stated on the product page, transport can only be selected using the transport method labeled "Transport sex doll". If this method of transport is missing for your country, we do not transport heavier loads there by default and the price must be agreed individually via email.

III. In the case of cashless payment, the seller always pays the fees of his bank and does not pay the fees of the buyer's bank (especially for foreign payments). The Seller's telephone line (or email) is not subject to a special charge; callers pay the price according to their operator's price list for calls to the Czech Republic.

We are not VAT payers for any EU country (ie prices will not be increased by VAT).

IV. The stone shop accepts cash in Czech crowns. Payment outside the store or in another currency is possible only according to the instructions of the seller (see contact). The following applies to cash payments at the store: Pursuant to the Act on Registration of Sales, the Seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the Buyer. At the same time, he is obliged to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical failure, no later than 48 hours.

IN. General instructions for use of sex toys is included in the confirmation email of each order. Instructions for operating and using the particular device are on the product page of the device.

Art. 3 Personal data

Customer details and purchases are confidential and protected in accordance with EU GDPR 679/2016. Your information is used only for processing your order and forwarded only to your chosen carrier. After 2 months of order processing, we will irreversibly delete them. For other mandatory privacy information see Privacy FAQ.

Art. 4 Complaints Procedure and Warranty for Defects

I. The warranty on purchased goods is 2 years (in the product description it can be reduced to one year in the product description), for goods purchased at the entrepreneur's business 6 months (the company or company ID has been added to the billing data). The Seller is responsible for the conformity of the goods with the contract and defects of the goods during the warranty period, except for defects resulting from the use and care contrary to the instructions or in a manifestly inappropriate manner.

II. Before shipping it is advisable to contact the seller for a complaint, because complaints can sometimes be resolved faster only by sending the missing or defective part to the seller. The Buyer shall send the goods for complaint to the store according to Article 1 with a description of the defects and a contact address. Putting an e-mail or phone can significantly speed up the claim. Upon personal delivery, the Seller shall issue a complaint report. Complaints are handled as soon as possible, otherwise within 30 days.

III. If the defect cannot be remedied, if the same defect recurs, the buyer may request replacement of the item (when replacing the item or part with a new one, the whole warranty period of the item or part starts from the beginning), withdraw from the contract or request a reasonable discount. In case of justified complaint we also cover reasonably incurred costs of transporting the item to the complaint and back (postage).

IV. In case of unauthorized complaint, the item can be picked up at the store or sent to the buyer after payment of the list price transport within 3 months from the notification of rejection of the complaint. Later, the owner is deemed to have abandoned the item and, due to its nature, the item is discarded for reasons of hygiene.

Art. 5 Distance contracts (e-shop purchase)

I. Consumer is a natural person who has not added a company or company identification number to the order or billing information.

II. Electronic order: button insert into cart, choice of delivery and payment, order button. We do not make telephone orders, but telephone reservations are possible and not binding for both parties.

III. The contract for goods available in stock is concluded by confirming the receipt of your order by our system, for virgins by paying half the purchase price in advance and by email confirmation of the individual specifications of the virgin by the buyer. For other goods, confirmation by the buyer upon receipt of availability information. For orders over EUR 300 cash on delivery, the Seller may contact the Buyer by telephone to verify their interest and contact details and request a deposit and if the Buyer cannot contact or refuse to provide a deposit, cancel the Contract at their discretion.

IV. The consumer can cancel (by telephone or e-mail) the order of a distance contract with the exception of goods made at the customer's request (eg sex doll) until the seller is notified of the delivery of the transport data to the carrier free of charge.

V. When receiving the goods from the carrier, the buyer checks the integrity of the packaging. In case of breach of the package or suspicion of unauthorized opening of the order, he may refuse to take delivery, eventually log the damage and then open and check the consignment together with the carrier.

VI. If a customer in a physical store holds the goods of an incomplete order and the online customer buys the goods in the meantime, priority has an internet customer (legally placed an order earlier). For goods where the purchase contract is subject to a deposit or the possibility to request it, this applies only at the moment of crediting the proper deposit to our account.

VII. The Seller may cancel the reservation or withdraw from the contract without delay by e-mail if the advance payment or the price of the goods is not paid when the electronic payment is chosen in advance after the expiry 24 hours counted only on working days when ordering from the Czech Republic or after 48 hours counted only on working days when ordering from Europe. The seller may refuse an order from a problematic IP address or with false billing and contact information.

VIII. The Seller may immediately reject the order or withdraw from the contract by e-mail in case of theft, deterioration or defect of the goods. In case of goods on orders, the Supplier or the carrier fails. Furthermore, due to an obvious price error in orders or currencies or the number of pieces at a given price and warehouse errors when goods are not physically available.

IX When picking up the pre-paid goods at the store, the recipient may be asked to present proof of identity or otherwise prove that he is a buyer.

Art. 6 Withdrawal from the distance contract by the consumer

I. The consumer may withdraw from the purchase under the following conditions without giving any reason. The withdrawal effective by dispatch may be made within 14 days, starting on the day following the day of delivery of the goods, by means of a form further or by similar comprehensible written communication.

II. With the exception of all-metal items without cavities and clothes or handcuffs outside the natural area, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract for goods after opening the sanitary packaging or its seal and which cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. These are mainly goods for contact with internal intimate parts of the body (eg vibrators, dildos, gags, dolls, open gels, panties, chastity belts). Furthermore, BDSM goods that in use capture human tissue (dents, whips), latex. For these goods hygienic packaging means any packaging separating them from the environment, which resp. the seal of which has to be irreversibly broken in order to access the goods (usually welded, sealed or sealed plastic or boxed packaging). Irrespective of the breach of the sanitary packaging, it is not possible at all to withdraw from the purchase of custom-made goods, such as sex dolls.

III. The goods must not bear any signs of damage or wear. In the absence or damage of packaging or accessories beyond what is reasonably necessary for the gentle opening of the seller adequately reduce the amount refunded.

IV. Goods must be shipped or delivered within 14 days of sending the withdrawal, otherwise the buyer is deemed to have canceled the withdrawal. If you are sending it separately from the withdrawal, identify it with your name or sales document number or a copy. Cash on delivery will not be accepted.

V. If the conditions of withdrawal are not met, the seller informs the buyer and proceeds analogously according to the last sentence of the article Warranty, Defects, Claims above.

VI. The consumer is entitled to a refund of the price of the goods in the way they were paid within 14 days of the return of the goods. In the event of withdrawal within 14 days, the consumer shall bear the cost of transport for the purchase and return of the goods, as well as the cost of the refund. Refund costs are zero for EU wire transfer. If the buyer pays by card or mail and does not disclose a bank account for a refund, the buyer will bear our costs associated with the refund according to the card service provider's price list (link will be added after card payment is activated) or Czech Post's price list.

VII. Model form of withdrawal from a distance contract

addressee:    upon withdrawal by post: Kim Phuong Vo Thi, Svatoslavova 554/1 140 00 / upon withdrawal by email: email address listed in contact

Consumer: name, address, telephone:

Withdrawal from a distance contract within 14 days

On… .. I received the goods based on order number. … ..:

I hereby withdraw from the contract (delete as appropriate)

(a) in respect of all goods

(b) only regarding the goods listed below……. ……. …… ..

Account Refund Number is: …  …  … …  / Bank code   …  …  …  , for banks outside the Czech Republic IBAN: …  …  …  …  …  … 

IN (place) , on

Art. 7 Additional provisions

I. For the resolution of disputes, the Municipal Court in Prague is competent for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes at the level of:

EU Consumer Dispute Resolution Portal

Czech Republic the Czech trade inspection

Hungary Budapesti Békéltető Testület elérhetősége

Germany Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle or Online Schlichter

Poland Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentow

Austria Schlichtung für Verbrauchergeschäfte

Slovakia Slovak Trade Inspection

Spain Agencia Espanola de Consumo.

II. The purchase contract is governed by the law of the Czech Republic.

III. If the terms are incomprehensible, unfair or faulty, we will be glad for your feedback. We will correct or explain the conditions at your request.

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