Venus balls Baile DeLux 9.2 × 3.2cm

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4 luxury Venus balls

outer balls fill smaller relatively heavy balls causing vibrations in the vagina during movement, sport activity

Can be removed from the silicone tape and variously combined heavier lighter, in a case, separately….

(2x 30g and 2 x 40g), medical silicone including case, CE certification, Lybaile, waterproof, gift wrapping, BI-014265

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1 review for Venus balls Baile DeLux 9,2×3,2cm

  1. redakce -

    + Very nice, including the shape of inconspicuous hearts, quality, weight in proportion to size,
    + design impression,
    + surface, incomplete embedding increases friction.
    + Material and flexibility of use the best we have seen on the market.

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