Mrimin Inflatable Venus Balls MRI 2*8,7*2,7cm

Double inflatable Venus balls for combined prostate massage.


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Massage and squeeze your prostate and anus from 2 different directions.

Inside the heavier balls irritating on movement.

Max. independent inflation 9 cm diameter.

The hoses can be disconnected after inflation.

The metal valve is not leaking. Foam filling made of liquid silicone holds its shape and allows easy insertion and teasing even without overinflation.

High quality, very flexible

Technical features

Material: liquid platinum silicone it is smoother and more slippery than rubber or latex

Manufacturer:Mrimin, CE Certification

weight: 320g


Vaginal use without further. The rectum should be free of hard stool residues such as peanuts. Perform an enema. Food debris would grind your tissue and damage the silicone (or even rupture it).

Close the valve clockwise. Insert and inflate the balloon. Remove the needle. To drop or deflate, tuck the needle and open the valve on the balloon counterclockwise.

Stretch only to a painless degree. Especially for a restrained person.

Guide the needle through the middle of the plug to the end of the needle (otherwise it will not inflate).

Close the metal valve on the balloon to the right and inflate.If air is leaking, tighten the end of the needle in the thread of the hose clockwise.

If you separate the needle from the plug, the pin holds the air. To deflate, the needle must be fully inserted again and the valve released to the left.

Store deflated with the valve loose. Wash with soap and water. Gels without restrictions.

Additional information

Weight 350 g


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    TOP product for stretching
    + very pleasant material
    + reliable valves
    - harder to introduce (soft)

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