Inflatable plug MRI 8,7x * 2,7cm

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Inflatable pin with detachable pump and metal valve, 8.7x * 2.7cm inflated up to 11 * 17cm

The metal valve is not missing. Foam filling - keeps its shape and allows easy insertion and irritation even without blowing.

quality, very flexible, liquid premium silicone is smoother and slippery than rubber or latex, detachable inflatable !, good price, highly recommended

max. tested inflation inflation approx. 9 cm diameter, Mrimin, CE Certification, 101g

Instruction: Close the valve clockwise. Insert and inflate with a balloon. Remove the needle. To drop or release, insert the needle and open the balloon valve counterclockwise. Store blown with valve released. Wash with water and soap. Gels without restrictions. Vaginal use without further ado. The rectum must be free of hard stool remnants such as nuts. Stretch only to a painless extent. This is especially true for an immobilized person.

Do not remove the sealing ring. If air escapes, tighten the end of the needle in the thread of the tube clockwise.

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Weight 110 g


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2 reviews for Nafukovací plug MRI 8,7x*2,7cm

  1. redakce -

    + very flexible size
    + metal valve does not run
    + exceptionally high-quality inflatable silicone (smoother against plastic or rubber)
    + great price
    + best selling product

    - None

  2. Luke -

    + extreme range of inflation size (from 3 to 10+ cm)
    + very soft material
    + seals even with the hose disconnected

    -very small and soft foot (risk of slipping)
    -difficult to insert the needle into the pin with the pin inserted (perhaps perhaps large +++) ;-D

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