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Professional gynecological vaginal mirror Sakurai Speculum allowing great stretching with minimal possible pain (unlike Allan Park Retractor).

Thanks to the wider and flat blades, the pressure on the stretched tissue is distributed over a larger area and the insertion, unlike other stretching mirrors, does not hurt into the vagina or the anal.

Top quality. Good rounding not only of the inner but also of the outer edges, which the extruded mucosa also partially envelops. We check the quality of grinding and assembly of each piece in the Czech Republic and, if necessary, regrind it.

It does not hold inside the vagina or anal as well as Collin Speculum and it is sometimes necessary to hold it or lightly insert it into the body, but it will allow better stretching.

The vagina remains quite slightly ajar even after removal.

dimensions of the insertable part:

and - insertable length of the lower (longer) blade

b - insertable width of the lower blade

c - inner width of the mouth

d - internal height of the mouth

e - max effective expansion at the end of the blades (vertical screw can be unscrewed only not 85%, then the clearance is too large, in addition the height of the mouth is fixed and higher expansion does not increase the mouth, so we measure only max effective expansion - see picture)

S (mm) a67, b27–45, c40, d50, e66mm, 223g, pictured left

M (mm) a70, b32–47, c40, d50, e62mm, 248g, on the photo in the middle

L (mm) a80, b35–51, c55, d55, e68mm, 283g, on the photo on the right

brass, chrome, Pakistan, Jazzy Instruments, certification for medical use in the UK

Instruction: The mirror is designed to reduce the risk of pinching the mucosa. Nevertheless, we recommend that you only partially loosen the diagonal screw and pull it out partially extended to pull it out. The angle of expansion from the complete grip for insertion is limited only by the length of the replaceable key and the physical limits of the examined.

Very strong contraction of the vagina or anal is able to bend the screws. It is also a safety device against excessive force expansion.

It took a lot of work to get it, but here you have it. 🙂 We work on larger sizes.

Extasica has a mini case made of artificial leather for this product up to about 2/3 of the blades. The case evaporates quickly, but with careful handling, the gynecological mirror will protect you for a while.

You can compare eg with gynecological mirror most commonly used by gynecologists in healthcare facilities or anal Mathieu Speculum or in other sex shops commonly available dangerous anal mirror.

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