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Professional gynecological vaginal mirror Collin speculum.

Thanks to the wider and flat blades, the pressure on the stretched tissue is distributed over a larger area and the insertion, unlike other stretching mirrors, does not hurt into the vagina or the anal.

Gentle, gradual stretching has a charm for both the observer and the subject. The expansion lock and also the "V" shape of the expansion prevents it from falling out or being pushed out - it can be investigated undisturbed or engaged in other activities.

Top quality. Good rounding not only of the inner but also of the outer edges, which the extruded mucosa also partially envelops. We check the grinding quality of each piece in the Czech Republic. Our best product, absolutely recommended.

dimensions of the insertable part: length of the blade - width of the blade - inner width of the mouth at maximum expansion with the supplied screw (see picture):

S 80 × 30 x40mm, 165g,

M 95x35x40mm, 191g

L 105x40x45mm 215g, Pakistan, Jazzy Instruments, certification for medical use in the UK

Instruction: Expansion and loosening of the anal mirror is done by inserting a screw. As with any pull-out mirror, take great care when pulling out - do not loosen completely to avoid pinching the mucous membrane (ie pull out slightly open). Stretching can only be as much as the investigated allows. The expansion angle is limited only by the length of the replaceable key and the physical limits of the person being examined from full clamping for insertion.

normal price in a given quality is 40 Eur +

variant S (without engraving, ie without decorative laser inscription)

variants L, M with engraving, extra polished

You can compare eg with gynecological mirror most commonly used by gynecologists in healthcare facilities or anal Mathieu Speculum or in other sex shops commonly available dangerous anal mirror.

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1 review for Gynekologické zrcadlo Collin speculum

  1. redakce -

    + by far the best on the world market
    + wide blades distribute the pressure on the tissue - it does not hurt in the vagina or anal
    + gradual stretching
    + arrest
    + top quality
    + very low price
    + uncompromising professional gynecological mirror
    TOP product, our best product
    + does not fall out, great for watching
    + certification for medical use in the UK

    - None

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