Gynamed Sakurai Speculum XO, XL Large gynaecological mirror

The Sakurai Speculum professional gynecological vaginal mirror allows for great stretching with minimal pain.

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The biggest advantage of the Saurai Speculum gynaecological mirror, unlike other professional gynaecological mirrors, is the great stretching of the vagina or anus and the amazing view into the partner's body. A truly intense experience.

He is scared, but even a big stretch is painless. The pressure on the tissue to be stretched is spread over a larger area thanks to the wider and flatter blades, and insertion into the vagina or anus is minimally painful at a given stretch size (unlike, for example, the Allan Park retractor or other large mirrors in our museum).

It can also be used during sex, i.e. to penetrate the vagina or anus with the penis or to urinate there. The locking screw is not a hindrance. A very good position is kneeling on all fours or when the passive partner lies on his back and the active partner fucks sitting down.

The vagina stays nice and slightly open even after removal.

5 years warranty

Beautiful engraving.

Compared to Collin speculum does not pinch the mucous membrane.

Disadvantage: It doesn't hold inside the vagina or anus as well as the Collin Speculum and needs to be held or gently inserted into the body occasionally, but will allow for better stretching. If you are well trained and open, the mirror holds itself. This can be seen in many of the movies on xvideos.com.


Top quality. Good rounding not only of the inner but also of the outer edges, which are also partially enveloped by the extruded mucous membrane. We check the quality of grinding, assembly and ochromation for each piece in the Czech Republic.

We are the only sex shop in Europe to offer this medical device of the highest quality. We grind off the overlapping screws from the original. With our modified device it is possible to penetrate the vagina or anus with the penis (or fist for the XO variant) without a scratch.

Separate review

Professional Reviews of Sakurai Speculum.


XL and larger XO (widest version produced)

dimensions of the insertable part:

a - insertable length of the lower (longer) blade

b - retractable width of the lower blade

c - fixed inner width of the mouth (outward side)

d - fixed internal height of the mouth (outward facing side)

e - max stretch at the end of the blade

XL (mm) - a 85, b 40-46 (at the mouth), c 55, d 66, e 91mm, net weight 372g (this size was previously officially marked as LL). Stretch is approximately 5cm (width) * 6-9cm (height).

XO (mm) - a 90, b 50-60 (at mouth), c 65, d 70, e 103mm, net weight 646g. Stretch is approximately 6.5cm (width) * 7-10cm (height).



How is Gynamed Sakurai Speculum different from name Sakurai speculum?

1. The mirror has less blade clearance after the introduction.

2. The edge of the lower blade is more rounded. This is the most important thing, as the Gynamed Sakurai Speculum hurts less and the same person can achieve more extension with it than with a regular Sakurai.

3. The cheaper Sakurai mirrors are 30-40 % lighter and do not list net weight and falsely list stainless steel as the material. These mirrors are always made of brass and chrome.

4. The extension mechanism in the mirror leg works smoothly. In cheap Sakurai it scratches and can only be extended to 85%. This is quite a disadvantage during extreme sex play.

5. Gynamed Sakurai Speculum has 3 very nice engravings. The bottom of the blade, the top of the blade and the size at the mouth. Cheap Sakurai only have size engraving or are completely bet engraving. The engraving gives a highly professional impression.

6. With a cheap Sakurai mirror, you can bend the screws connecting the blades when you suddenly clench your muscles. In our opinion, this is not realistic here. Among others, in the latest versions of the Gynamed Sakurai Speculum these screws have been strengthened and are no longer embedded in the metal construction.

7. Sakurai Speculum in this quality can only be bought in Europe at the German branch of Gynamed and in our shop (cheaper). Here at Extasica, we guarantee that the screws in the mouthpiece are properly ground, compared to the German distribution. We do this ourselves if necessary.


Vaginal use xvideos

Anal use - Sakurai speculum has largely popularized since 2018 Hotkinkyjo. Her videos are perfected. But insiders know that around the turn of the millennium, many Videos by an anonymous Japanese or Korean couple. Hotkinkyjo uses a lower quality variant. But unless you train several hours a day and have an extra stretched vagina or anus like Hotkinkyjo, we recommend the higher quality, less cutting and safer variant. For these extra large Sakurai speculum we will only offer the high quality variant.

Technical features

material: brass, chrome

Manufacturer:Gynamed, CE certified for medical use


The mirror is designed to reduce the risk of mucosal pinching. Nevertheless, we recommend that the diagonal screw is only partially loosened for pulling out and that the pull out is partially extended. The angle of expansion from full clamping for insertion is limited only by the length of the removable key and the physical limitations of the examinee.


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  1. Extasica redaction -

    + Extreme stretch
    + Extreme experience and view for both observer and patient
    + The pressure on the tissue to be stretched is distributed over a larger area thanks to the wider and flatter blades, and insertion into the vagina or anus hurts less than other gynaecological mirrors.
    + Top quality
    + Safety and robustness
    + Beautiful engraving in several places
    + Design

    - Must be clipped in the body, only holds itself in a very stretched vagina or very stretched anus
    - High price

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