Funny Steel Electro penis plug UP-E005

Electro urethral plug into the urethra.



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weight 42gl

Instructions: Functional when connected to a compatible electro set see linked products.

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Weight 45 g


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  1. Anonym -

    The sensations when using it are amazing, much better than the classic straight probes. There is a lovely mechanical teasing + varying sensations of electrical teasing depending on the depth of insertion when the probe is inserted with the generator attached. Of course the teasing is pleasant if the user is comfortable with an 8mm diameter, but that is probably a common size.

    The problem with smooth plugs is that the body gradually absorbs the water-soluble plug (and when it's supposed to conduct current, you need a water gel, not a greasy/oily one) and with classic straight plugs, after one to a few minutes, the plug needs to be pulled out and the whole thing lubricated again. The great advantage of a knurled plug is that when it is properly lubricated before insertion, the grooves between the two adjacent bumps serve as reservoirs for the gel and so the plug stays lubricated for long periods of play.

    Alternatively, the plug can be used as a single-pole plug, i.e. current is supplied to only one part, and the counter-pole is implemented elsewhere, ideally by an anal probe. This again gives different sensations than electrification of the penis alone. The taller girl's current is conducted so that each part of the plug has its own generator (or channel of a dual channel) connected to a counter-pole elsewhere on the body. Maybe in the anus, on the testicles, on the nipples. It is better to use 2 different generators (power devices for electrosex) because each one works with a different periodicity, there is a summation of currents in the penis and various very interesting interferences and ever changing sensations are created.

    Milan K

  2. Anonym -

    I don't understand how to vary the wiring to single pole - according to the pic the jack connection is indivisible and I doubt there are differences between the two channels... Can someone explain?

  3. Extasica redaction -

    🙂 yes it really can't, except when partially retracted. The customer who wrote the original review is an electrician, so he probably fixed it at home.

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