Electro Sex Source Power Strong

The strongest electroshock sex stimulator from our offer.


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8 pulse frequencies, 15 intensities, for 1 electrical accessory (not dual input)

Alternating current

It is not much different in power from several times more expensive 9V sex stimulators.

It will also properly pierce rubber and silicone electro aids. You can't hold it in your hand at maximum force. However, if it spreads the electricity over a larger area e.g. even the smallest pin, it is not painful.

Compatible cables and accessories in the category Electro sex.

Supplier: Funny Steel

Weight: 90g (108g with batteries)

dimensions: 15×6,6×2,8cm


Not for cardiac patients and people with high blood pressure. Do not place on the head. Insert 3 AAA batteries (enclosed) according to the pole markings on the device. Connect dual-connected accessories - everything in our store is compatible, (or 2 devices, each to 1 connector).

"On/Off" on/off.

"Mode" changes frequencies (changing the frequency will always reduce the intensity to zero and must be re-set)

"Strong" adds electricity

"Weak" takes away electricity

"Time" sets the time to 5,10,15 - presumably minutes

"CH/EN" switches between English and Chinese.

Beware of pointing at devices with a very small surface area, such as nipple pins. We do not recommend full intensity there.


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Weight 120 g

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  1. Order 36160 -

    Quite a powerful resource indeed. However, at an intensity of 13-15, it already loses a little frequency - it probably does not have time to recharge the capacitors. However, from intensity 7 it is already very uncomfortable for the test subject. So great for me.

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