Funny Steel Electro sex shock remote 10m

Remote control electro sex source, dual electroshock stimulator for 2 independent electro accessories at the same time.


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More powerful than the version without remote control.

It will also properly pierce rubber and silicone electro aids.

Alternating current

range 10m, 5 frequencies,

OEM Funny Steel, 48g


Not for cardiac patients and people with high blood pressure. Do not place on the head. Insert 2x 2 AAA batteries (enclosed) according to the pole markings on the power supply and remote control. Plug the doubling accessory into one of the connectors on the power supply (or 2 devices, each into 1 connector). Activate both the remote control and the power supply (the blue LED on the power supply and the remote control is lit). After use, deactivate both (no blue light on the power supply or the controller).


"On/Off" long press (4 seconds) switches on and off. The other buttons activate the respective mod. The last button "Speed" adds the pulse rate in the "Tap" mod.

+ activates the program and adds strength

- the force is decreasing and at the lowest force it switches off

Mode - quick shutdown, after this quick power off the next press switches frequencies

Numb - changes the intensity of the pulses to less sharp

Auto - frequencies change by themselves

Source :

"On/Off" long press (4 seconds) switches on and off.

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Weight 100 g


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  1. Editorial staff -

    + our strongest electro will satisfy everyone
    + flexibility
    + great silent long-distance play in company, when only you and your partner know about it
    + dual output for 2 devices at the same time
    + design
    + price

    - none

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