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Helpless - Part 2

An erotic novel about paying off a mafia debt through extreme sexual acts. Erotic story contains sexual theme and is intended only for persons over 18 years. The story features real characters and allusions, but in totally fictional circumstances. You can only freely copy and distribute the short story as a whole, provided that all references to it are kept Sexshop Extasica.

The following week was in the constant spirit of training my ass and meringue. My task was to handle a partial insertion of a baseball bat and so my anus had to be done. Kiss was supposed to handle his partner's cock again.

He tied me stainless steel chains and luxury leather handcuffs to the bed on his back and had a camera shot on TV. I could see myself lying there stretched out and stretched out. He put a little silicone in my pussy vibrator for mobile control and let it smoke when switching on and testing different frequencies, including tapping mode.

"I have something surprise for you today," he said after a moment with a really swollen pus. I looked at him in shock as to what it was going to be. The door opened and a man came into the room, more like an old man of about 65. He was naked with his cock up.

"No!" I cried, staring in shock as the stranger and the old man just headed for my outstretched lap. I tried to clutch my legs together. But the chains didn't allow me. “Not you! You can not! Please. ”The old man ignored my screaming, pulled out vibrator on mobile from my vagina and lay down between my spread legs. He hit me like butter. I shuddered with disgust.

"No," I sobbed last time resigned. While the old man was already leaning into my pussy. Then I just held and stared in disgust at his old sighing face. After ten minutes he did. When my friend untied me, I looked at him accusingly.

The old man took off his condom and stood before my mouth. I didn't want to. He took my hair and tore my cock etched from sperm into my mouth. I began to smoke unwillingly and felt him slowly stand up. That made me realize that I had another round to go. "No," I pushed him out of my mouth and started to twitch. My friend put me on a hobby and the old man thrust it into my mouth again. He drove into my throat, despite his smaller penis, because he thrust it up to the root in my mouth. After a while he was completely hard. He knelt down behind me and shoved it in my ass.

They married me with a friend. After a few minutes they swapped. I sat on the old man. He grabbed my hips and knocked my pussy on the peg. A friend poked him in my mouth while standing. And he didn't spare her. He drove deep into my throat until I had his balls on my tongue. I gasped. At the same time, the old man's cock was massaging my vagina. A friend pushed him in my throat a few times with powerful movements and squirted straight into my stomach. Nor could it be spit. When the old man saw how obediently I had swallowed it, he jumped out from under my body and sprayed his batch into my mouth. I realized I should swallow it, and so I did. He stroked my head and I shuddered with disgust and shame.

Meanwhile, a friend took a baseball bat. I knelt on all fours and stuck my slightly extended butt on the camera.


Fortunately, the bat had a diameter of only 5 cm. I knelt and my boyfriend tried to slip it into my ass. My groin was nicely trained in a few days and so it went smoothly to the marked line. I shook my ass a few times with a bat in it, smiling at the camera. My boyfriend started pulling her up and shoving back until my ass was stretched. I smiled at the camera with a big hole in my ass and that was it.

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