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High quality leather BDSM handcuffs and leg cuffs, all pure veal and cowhide TOP grain leather (top quality layer with pores) without crushing, pressing and coloring.

You will find it difficult to find this quality elsewhere. Most hides are punched out. Here the right top layer. The only product in our shop in this quality leather.

size uni - circumference of wrist or ankles 13-23cm (even for very thin girl's hands up to average men's ankles), size of the lower belt 25x6cm

Benefits for other quality handcuffs:

Bottom belt non-colored very fine top grain veal quality leather like padding

Middle support belt non-colored light brown cowhide (top grain).

Stainless steel upper tightening strap cowhide (top grain) p precisely cut holes on a rounded buckle (does not hurt, can be locked), 3 loops prevents the belt from standing

Top and middle belt connection designed to handle tight not only strong but also very delicate girl's hand.

Solid white thread, two rows of studs for a rougher handling

soft, very strong, significantly it smells skin (because they are all leather and uncoloured), super to touch, super comfortable


material 3 types of cowhide, handmade in the Czech Republic, leather workshop with a long tradition, design Extasica Czech


can be purchased

stainless steel chain 25cm or longer

Ra articles

snap hooks




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full, rounded


1 review for Luxusní pouta Extasica

  1. redakce -

    TOP product without compromise
    + very good workmanship and
    + TOP material - all genuine leather
    + TOP grain without modifications! - the only one in our store
    + smells
    + even on extremely thin girl's hands,
    + very comfortable
    + reinforced load capacity
    + Czech craftsman producing for US film production
    + probably the last 2 pieces, there is no interest in such expensive products

    - price

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