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How to pick a whip, whip

Tips on how to pick a whip and whip. More detailed information for individual products in the category whips and reprimands.


The finest categories. Suitable for beginners. Very easy to dose and predictable wound and impact site. Also suitable for whipping vagina, clitoris, penis or testes. Nubuck or rubber bands with very sharp edges can give a very unpleasant blow.

Tapes and tape dents

A strong refined pungent blow. The exact impact, relatively easy to handle. Sophistication will increase the tape dents - more tapes at the end. Some can be finished with metal barbs about 3mm high. These stings will intensify but the skin with a reasonable wound will not damage or scratch. At least those from our offer. More difficult to handle and strike the tape and intimate parts. But belts, tape sticks or tape whips are not for most and can be recommended really less people.


This is only for fayers. Whips have a very strong blow. Most difficult to control and estimable. The place of impact and the strength of the wound are therefore uncertain. It depends how the whip bends. Customers sit well handled stained - unpainted whips with good flexibility. The advantage of hard-to-control whips (usually dyed and usually of lower quality) is that even punishers often do not know what blow they will do. So relative unpredictability.

Persian X-head or X-tail cat

Most common are versions with 9 or 7 tails (we also have a three-tailed cat). Sometimes they are finished with sticks of leather - heads. It is these sticks of the skin that cause a relatively deep wound as well as a painful massage effect. Persian dents are a class for themselves, ie. sorting above somehow defy. Perhaps it can be somewhere between the strap and whip.

Lessons learned: All these devices are capable of causing injured skin and, of course, sensitive tissues, especially eyes. Whips can do it with a relatively small wound, some are so gentle that they should not hurt the skin or steeds of very strong wounds and in fact do not hurt.

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