Vagina kiss KM 18*7cm

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Soft artificial vagina and mouth on the other side.

In stock 10+



Hilarious, very deep and thick artificial vagina.

Internal wrinkling even on the tongue.


Note Extasica

Basically the best we could find on the market in this price range. Most artificial vaginas are too small and this limits the experience. This is one of the largest, and it's double sided. It's the best you can get and we have no reason to offer other artificial vaginas.


TPE Realistic leather

Hardness 0.5 HC out of 100.

weight 512g

Kaomeil MB-004

Water-based gel (no oil or silicone). Spread the inside with your fingers when washing to allow water access.



Additional information

Weight 650 g



1 review for Vagina pusa KM 18*7cm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Extasica redaction -

    + compared to conventional artificial vaginas large, deep and massive
    + mouth and vagina
    + upper teeth made of plastic
    + internal wrinkling for increased stimulation
    + design

    - none

    Conclusion: by far the best artificial vagina in its category

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