Faak Intruder vagina 16*7,5cm

Massive alien silicone vagina and anal.

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Realistic silicone vagina and anal

From Extasica testing

- Slightly stiffer and more realistic than TPE vaginas

+ Can be steam sterilised and used in BDSM parlours etc.

- Rather for smaller and narrower penises up to 16cm. A penis with a diameter of 3.5cm is quite difficult to get inside.

Tip: For longer penises, the other side can be cut through, but you lose some of the deep-throat vacuum. Depends on what you're more comfortable with.

Technical features

Material: liquid silicone

Hardness: ideal 1.5 HC (%)

manufacturer Faak, CE certified, serial No. N2301

weight: 653g


Full colour silicone. It is not a surface painting. The paint cannot be washed off or rubbed off. The colors are rich, true to the image.

Další informace

Weight 750 g





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  1. Extasica redaction -

    It didn't work - more on the product description.

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