Vada: Intruder vagina silicone 16*7cm

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Massive alien silicone vagina and anal.

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Vada: Test specimen, used, back hole 1,5cm in diameter cut through. Washed and sterilised by boiling.

From Extasica testing

+ Can be steam sterilised and used in BDSM parlours etc.

- Only for small penises up to 16cm and especially narrow - a 3.5cm penis is quite difficult to get inside.

- Stiffer than TPE vaginas. Difficult to penetrate inside. When you put it between 2 mattresses, unlike the softer TPE vagina, you can't penetrate it.

- The alien motif and design is more bizarre than appealing.

- expensive compared to TPE material

N It is only more realistic when throwing hands, but again this is only used by BDSM dominatrixes. For a normal man, handjobs over an artificial vagina have no added value.

Conclusion: only suitable for BDSM salons and similar professional services due to the better hygiene of the material. The big weakness that it is more for small and narrow penises. Expensive for normal people with limited uses.

Technical features

Material: liquid silicone

Hardness: ideal 5.5 HC (%)

manufacturer Faak, CE certified, serial No. N5136?

weight: 653g


Full colour silicone. It is not a surface painting. The paint cannot be washed off or rubbed off. The colors are rich, true to the image.

Additional information

Weight 350 g





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  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    Extasica redaction -

    It didn't work - more on the product description.

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