Faak Dog penis extender strap closed 20*6cm

Elastic dog penis extender with testicle loop.


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Very popular dog penis sleeve.

How does it feel to have your pussy or asshole fucked by a dog?

Nice design.

The open glans leaves the sensitivity and most importantly allows for much longer penises to be fitted.

The testicle strap holds the penis nicely against the body.

The case works very well unlike many others.

Very soft and elastic

Uni size: diameter of the penis hole 3 cm and testicles 3,5 cm, but also 5 cm thick penis and any male testicles can fit without problems.

Technical features

length 20cm, insertable length 15cm (if a couple of cm will stick out, so it can fit a longer penis), width 4,5cm (bulbus 6cm), wall thickness 1cm

Material: liquid silicone

custom Hardness: ideal 7.5 HC (%)

manufacturer Faak, CE certified, FRRK-303S

weight: 260g


colour: red-white

Full colour silicone. It is not a surface colouring. The colour cannot be washed off or rubbed off. The colours are rich, true to the image.

Další informace

Weight 320 g






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  1. Extasica redaction -

    excellent, see more in our review in the product description

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