Womanizer Premium 2 red

The best clitoral or nipple pulse pressure wave stimulator.


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Womanizer underfloor vibrator with 14 deep pulse intensities.

The quiet, ergonomic design ensures comfortable use.

Includes a proximity sensor (Smart Silence) that allows activation only on skin contact, improving discretion.

Waterproof with IPX7 certification, suitable for use in the shower (not suitable for use in the bath).

From Extasica testing

The real colour of the Womanizer version "Red" - in the light in the room - brownish red, (main photo - left), in artificial light in the room - burgundy - dark purple (main photo in the middle), in bright sunlight it is red (photo in the box)


+The stimulator's head extends towards the clitoris and the pulses are designed to provide deeper and richer stimulation than Satisfyer's competing product. The pulses are also felt from the sides, adding to the intensity of the experience.

+Equipped with three autopilot modes that automatically change the pulse intensity according to the user's preference.

+Tissue proximity sensor automatically deactivates pulses when away from the body, saving battery, reducing noise and allowing discreet use.

+Includes a smaller removable cup for lower pulse depth, improved ergonomics and modern design.

+Vibrator is designed to be as comfortable to hold and easy to use as possible. It does not have an additional motor for conventional vibration, which simplifies its design and increases comfort in use.

+The gift pack contains a special recess for easy removal from the box.

The downside is the price and the magnetic connectors not being recessed enough which can be a nuisance when holding and using the reverse side for G-spot teasing.

The neutral is the fact that the vibrator only offers one type of vibration - the classic tapping, but this is offset by the three autopilot modes and a host of other features and technologies.

Conclusion: the best clitoral pulse pressure wave stimulator on the market if price is not a factor. It offers the best pulses, design and adjustment options, plus it comes with a host of bonus technologies


Technical features

dimensions: 16,5*5,5*5cm, packing 20*18,3*7cm

3h operation time, 3h charging time

Material: medical grade silicone, ABS

Manufacturer: Womanizer, EAN 4251460615532

power supply: li-on battery, USB cable, magnetic connectors

weight: 134 g, with accessories and box 578 g


Button at the tip: long press (3s) to activate and deactivate.

Middle button - pressing it activates the autopilot for modes 1-4 then 1-8 and 1-12 and another press deactivates the autopilot.

- + changes intensity

If the proximity sensor stops working, let it recharge for 10s. The Womanizer will then restart.

When charging, the 3 LEDs light up gradually. When fully recharged, the LEDs are always on.

Gel water, oil base (not silicone). Recharge before and during storage for longer periods (e.g. a year).

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Weight 700 g




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