Idea Leather Vagina Labia Clamp

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Metal sphincter of the outer labia of the vagina (vulva).

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He will lower it and stretch it slightly.

The advantage of the vulva clamp (compared to the vulva spreader) is that it holds better and is therefore more suitable for carrying, transferring, humiliating and torturing.

The screws can be used to adjust the intensity of the squeezing of the labia from 2cm of labia force to 0.

Inner dimension of the hole: 7,2*2,2cm.


Type 1- without leash, 106g, Manufacturer ID 361101076

Type 2 - with lead 59cm, total weight 223g, manufacturer ID 361100076


Tip: If you're looking for a lip spreader, better to choose directly dog spreader.

Tip 2: If you have normally 7mm thick vaginal lips, the "antennae" can be partly pinched off and it looks better.


material: zinc alloy

manufacturer: Idea Leather

Additional information

Weight 250 g



Type 1, Type 2

1 review for Idea Leather Svěrač pysků vaginy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Extasica redaction -

    + Increases dominance and submissiveness
    + slight stretching of the lips will increase exposure and vulgarity
    + lips can be clamped - squeeze screws with adjustable pressure
    + price

    - the stretching of the labia is small and will not allow penetration of the penis
    - the design looks extremely clumsy

    Conclusion: it could have been better, but for the price it is a good product.

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