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The most powerful automatic vagina and anal vacuum pump. 100% user satisfaction.

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Vacuum automatic pump for vagina or anal with movable tongue.

6 programmes of powerful, fully adjustable suction

The pump compressor sucks so hard that the suction is not even used to the maximum in our experience.

The pressure can be released quickly and easily at any time via the large round button, but can also be maintained after the vacuum pump has been switched off.

8 tongue movement frequencies

The tip of the tongue moves back and forth in the clitoral area along a 3cm path towards the anus and back. After removing the bulb, the mechanical tongue can be used to simulate clitoral licking, e.g. for finger teasing or fisting.

Interchangeable bulbs - ergonomic and circular. Unlike the competition, the larger ergonomic bulb, after finding the right placement (a few seconds), adheres even to a very small vulva/vagina (150cm, 39kg) and even unshaved. It adheres to larger vaginas instantly. The Adoramor underpressure pump can also be used for anal and prolapse. The smaller round bulb adheres to any vagina or anal area without any problems.

Very good silicone seal. Adheres well, does not complicate suction and does not fall off, but can be easily removed and put on for washing.

Excellent references from Extasica testing

TOP product. Our tester chose this toy as the best of all the vibrators including the Satisfyer and Womanizer type pulse vibrators and the true suction (compressor) vibrators. The Adoramor pump is rated similarly by the manufacturer and our customers.

Extasica Design

Extasica initiated the creation of these cups and participated in the development of the ergonomic cup shape. All of the competing pumps tested so far have had great difficulty adhering to the vagina, especially those of smaller women. Or they were insufficiently deep with no room to suck tissue.


ergonomic cup - internal dimensions 8,5 * 6,5cm, height 6cm

round cup - inner diameter 6cm, cm, height 6cm

Technical characteristics and manufacturer

By today's standards, standard noise level of up to 50dB (the pump is quieter than the movement of the tongue), magnetic charging, gift packaging

Waterproof: can be put in the shower, but not immersed in the bath.

vacuum pressure: 0- 30 Hg, 0-760 mmHg, ABS, silicone hose, Li-on, USB recharge time 120minutes, lasts 110 minutes

manufacturer: realov, CE Certification, EAN 6935847700575

weight: 242g , 642g gross

Power: LiOn battery, USB cable, 90 minutes of battery life (tongue and pump on at the same time)

to the EU market 2022


Attention: The pump can be very powerful. Be prepared to interrupt further suction or release the vacuum.

Top button:  hold for 4s to switch on (red LED)/off (no LED).

Middle silver button: triggers and breaks the vacuum.

Lower silver button: changes the suction programme (the change of mode is always preceded by a partial reduction in vacuum).

Lower round button: interrupts suction and releases air (reduces vacuum).


Removing or replacing the cup: Grasp the silicone part and with your other hand gently turn the transparent plastic part.

Shaving and lubricating the area of application will increase adhesion. Washing with warm water. For heavier soiling e.g. large amounts of gel, secretion or ejaculation into the pump, remove the container for washing and rinse the container. Then put the container on and pour some warm water with the suction on, so that the water is drawn through the suction and cleans it. Allow the water to drain properly from the top with the suction on.

Store recharged. Recharge the battery after storage for more than 6 months. Charge with the included USB cable or mobile phone charger. Recharging is indicated by a flashing red LED, after recharging it is always on.

Use vacuum pumps for a maximum of 15 minutes only for masturbation or to build up or enhance arousal. Not for pain. According to current scientific knowledge, they cannot be expected to permanently enlarge body parts.


Additional information

Weight 750 g





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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Extasica redaction -

    Adoramor vacuum vaginal pump reviews

    + The most important thing. The bulbs fit well on all vaginas even on very small women (150cm, 39kg).
    + enough space to create a large vacuum
    + Our tester voted this toy as the best of all the vibrators including the Satifyer and Womanizer type pulse vibrators and the true suction (compressor) vibrators.
    + strong automatic suction with insensitivity adjustment or 6 automatic programs,
    + when selecting the maximum suction is very strong, even painful, and it is necessary to keep this in mind when using
    + large flexibile
    + oscillating jatyk simulates licking (it is not vibration but mechanical oscillation)
    + licking and sucking can be used together or separately

    + good response of the tested woman

    + design
    + good seal does not fall off
    + Magnetic charging, gift packing with good posting against damage during transportation

    neutral are also quieter vibrators, but this one doesn't vibrate - it oscillates, and in addition to that it has good suction, the noise level is decent

    - none, the price is justified in relation to the performance

    Conclusion: a very solid premium product with many features and uses

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