Realov Flask for penis vacuum pump ZC100

Penis bulb connects to a vacuum pump.

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The container valve holds air even after the hose is disconnected.

Ruler cm and thumbs on the side of the banquettes.

Good quality, but unnecessarily long. Reduced price. After the long version sells out, we will switch to the 23cm version at regular retail price.

Dimensions of variants

Length 30cm, width inner diameter - variants:

S: 4,3 cm, weight 200g

L: 5,8cm, weight 240g

Technical features

Material: ABS, silicone gasket

manufacturer Realov, CE Certification, serial No. ZC100xx


Apply to the skin. Lubricate the rim of the bulb to promote adhesion (water or silicone based gel, not oil). To disconnect and connect the hose from the container, press the metal lever on top of the container. Washing water, soap.

! Protect the flask from dust during storage. This will prolong the life of the bulb seal.

Optional compatible accessories

Works only in combination with the optional vacuum pump and hose.Compatible with all Realov pumps.

Další informace

Weight 150 g





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