Platinium Dragon penis sheath 18*5cm

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Extra soft realistic penis sleeve / penis extender.

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It will bring your very wild ideas closer to reality.

A partner will accept it better than a dildo of the same size. It will stretch even a very narrow slit without suffering.

The testicle strap also acts as an erection ring.

Lower quality platinum silicone behaves like human tissue at a given hardness in the body.

+ The price is somewhere at 1/3 the price of competing cases of similar dimensions, but it is a higher quality material.

This product is a total bomb. We immediately took one for ourselves, along with the Ogre cover.


Dimensions: 18*5,2*4,3cm, 3cm hole rotatable up to fist size

penis length 0-20cm o.k. Longer penises could already push the penis sheath. Width universal. Very elastic.

The widest part of the penis. 5cm. Wall thickness 0,5cm.


 Ideal hardness 7.5 HC

Material: liquid platinum silicone

weight: 230g

manufacturer: Xmen, serial No 1273, EAN: 5999560517316


It is advisable to put a little lubricant in the tip as well, so you don't rub your glans. Gels without restrictions.

After 30 minutes, release the loop to restore free blood flow. Release without delay in case of pain or loss of feeling.

A hole in the glans relieves pressure and allows for easy deployment. Semen and secretions flow through it, but it doesn't squirt. It can be gently extended with scissors to avoid creating a joint.

Additional information

Weight 260 g



1 review for Platinium Dragon pouzdro penisu 18*5cm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Editorial staff -

    + very realistic
    + soft, comfortable material
    + reasonable thickness and length
    + can be shortened as required
    + does not fall off, sticks to the penis
    + one of the best penis extenders on the market
    - none

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