KMG Penis Pouch Strap

The penis enlarger with erection strap will lengthen and thicken the penis ...

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The strap works as both a holder and an erection ring.

Can also be used as a quality condom.

The 2.7cm hole and interior can stretch to any penis thickness.

Very soft and extra elastic quality silicone.

Realistic quality design.


15 x 3,7cm, light brown color, insertable penis length 13,5 -19cm, cm, 73g


The insertable penis length is longer than the sleeve itself? Yes. The handcuff then pulls the testicles forward and the sheath doesn't cover the whole penis but actually lengthens and thickens it and it still looks reasonable. The sheath can handle longer lengths, but for example a 19cm penis in size eS already looks very unnatural due to the large pulling forward of the testicles.


Hardness: 10HC

material: soft liquid silicone

Mark: Kaomei

Water and soap wash. Gels without restrictions.

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  1. Editorial staff -

    TOP product
    + colour
    + shape
    + strap and erection ring in one
    + realism
    + price
    + one of the best penis extenders on the market

    - none

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