Cage penis lock FS-CB-A002

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metal cage for penis

high quality, without the possibility of leakage

smaller circle inner diameter 35mm, larger circle inner diameter 45, penis size max. thickness 3.5cm length max. 22cm in aroused state

Well, the photo penis 19 × 3.5 cm in length is still a bit of a reserve.

190g, zinc alloy, chrome, Funny Steel

Instruction: Practically unlock the lock. Lubricate the penis and testicles. It is necessary to put on at rest. Insert the testicles first in a large circle and then the penis. Thread the cage, be careful not to pinch the foreskin when threading and especially tightening the cage. After 60 minutes, release to restore free blood flow. Relax without delay in case of pain or loss of sensation.

Exceptionally, you can withstand it all day, but from a health point of view, such use is not suitable for a long time - it slightly limits the blood vessels and also presses the penis against the scrotum, which increases the temperature of the scrotum.


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Weight 220 g


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  1. redakce -

    + quality
    + no possibility of escape
    + design

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