Cobeco Male Lubricant Powder 225 g / 25 litres

Powdered lubricating gel. The best lubricant for normal vaginal intercourse, condom intercourse and for TPE aids. Brutal value for money.


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A better quality and better replacement for the famous J Lube powder gel, whose manufacturer has disappeared. Also very suitable as Nuru gel for Nuru massages.

Male Lubricant Powder can be used to mix up to 25 litres of gel with water. The thicker you mix the gel, the more it protects the mucous membrane.

From Extasica testing

Definitely the best water-based lube by a wide margin.

It can create a really very thick slime like noodles, which protects the tissue very well. Much denser than, say, J-Lube.

The biggest advantage of powdered gel is that you can mix the amount you need for a shorter period of time, e.g. a couple of weeks. That is to say you do not need a stabilising additive against mould and bacteria like gels that have to last, like, a year. In most water-based gels, these ingredients burn in the vagina and anus. A powdered lube gel is therefore the cleanest lube you can have. You will never run out :). It doesn't even have competition in this regard.

It doesn't interfere with condoms or latex. Does not stain textiles, easy to clean. Can be used on all kinds of sex toys, all kinds of sex, all kinds of condoms.

Unlike J-lube (veterinary use), Male Lubricant Powder 225 g is intended directly as a lubricant for human sexual intercourse. It dissolves better - basically instantly. It can be mixed much thicker. It also has better packaging.

Our estimate is for 3 litres of extra thick gel.

If you are looking for an anal lubricant for extreme anal play such as fisting, we recommend special oil-based lubricants read more Test of anal lubricants and creams


Customers have told us that it is also excellent as a Nuru gel for Nuru massages.

Suitable containers for application: irrigator or larger syringe. We will add more suitable containers to the selection in time.

It is better to mix a thicker lubricant for tissue protection and better viscosity. It drips less behind the syringes and is easier to introduce.

This powder gel is also used to make bubbles or slime for films.


The prepared lubricant is transparent, tasteless and odourless.

Durability of the powder according to the manufacturer's statement: unlimited



Stir a teaspoon in 2 dcl lukewarm water. 5 minutes is enough for completely trouble-free use (24 hours for perfect dissolution). Store the stirred gel for max 14 days at room temperature or in the fridge (not the freezer). It can then be sterilised in the microwave and used again once cooled.

Warning: The prepared gel is not intended for consumption. Swallowing a small amount of the prepared gel (i.e. mixed with water) during combined vaginal and oral intercourse is not harmful.  Swallowing the powder alone without water can cause nausea or intestinal upset, and with larger amounts it can be life-threatening (unmixed powder would react with water in the body and swell). Store dry and out of reach of children!

Ingredients: Sodium Polyacrylate

Manufacturer: Cobeco Pharma, The Netherlands, EAN: 8717344178730

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