Inflatable pin DR X414A 21 * 13cm

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Giant inflatable anal, vaginal pin with metal valve

Selling well below purchase price.

Butt Plug X414A Standard, 590g, 48 HC. Dimensions initial condition 210x128mm, latex, 535g, Denber Rubber, United Kingdom

Quality inflatable anal, vaginal plug with metal valve - does not run. The width of 2mm rubber is more resistant to hard stool residue and keeps its shape even when inflated. Ie. it does not stretch in length like weaker inflatable plugs, but actually stretches. The premium (A) version - foam padding - keeps its shape and allows easy insertion and irritation even without inflation. Hard enough for easy insertion and partially soft to relieve the pressure of such a large object.

extreme size - above 99.9% of people -

Instruction: Close the valve clockwise. Introduce and pump the balloon. To drop or drain, open the valve counterclockwise. Store deflated with the valve released. Wash with water and soap. Water and silicone base gels (not oil). Vaginal use without further. The rectum should be free of hard stool remnants such as nuts. Stretch only painlessly. In particular, it applies to the immobilized person.

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1 review for Nafukovací kolík DR X414A 21*13cm

  1. Prokop -

    It's huge nonsensically I do not recommend it's even bigger than in the picture it's maybe so for an elephant

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