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Stylish, spectacular, solid. The cane swings pleasantly, but does not hurt as much as a swatter. He does the scars in the affected spot just like in the movie. But if you push, you can feel and see. Lasts. absolutely recommended


Es 6mm, 25g - defective series - some pieces break more easily (we send 3 pcs for the price of one, to have a spare)

L 10mm, 33g - OK

We consider both thicknesses to be equally good. Stronger is more durable. Weaker has a more refined pinch.

material rattan reed, handle faux leather, Idea Leather

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  1. redakce -

    + pleasant, fully controllable blow
    + Makes the scars on the affected spot just like in the movie.
    + If you push, you can really feel and see.
    + Holds.
    TOP product, we absolutely recommend

    - None

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