Bondage rope 10m*6mm light gold

Silk bondage rope suitable for tying, bondage or combination with handcuffs.


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High quality and fine shibari rope in light gold colour.

Uniform pressure distribution.

Lower risk of skin abrasion if handled carelessly.

Metal ends against splitting are glued.


length: 10m, thickness 5,5mm, max load 100kg

material: nylon( polyamide)

manufacturer: Idea Leather

weight: 140g


Pull the rope slowly around the skin. Respect Lessons for BDSM play.

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  1. Extasica redaction -

    + high quality and fine shibari rope.

    + uniform pressure distribution.

    + lowest risk of skin abrasion if handled carelessly.

    + Anti-splitting metal ends are glued.

    + price

    - nothing

    Conclusion: our best quality bondage rope.

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