Talie 11x3cm


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these products from Man Nuo are good, but people just didn't want it, as one of the few good products that can be bought very cheaply on aliexpress

small vibrating head for mobile control

10 frequencies plus mobile modes


waterproof - shower (no bath)

medical silicone, mannuo.net, li-on, charging cable, battery 70 minutes (charging 3-5h according to mobile phone charger), 191g gross


Instructions: long press of the button on the vibrator activates and deactivates. Short frequency changes.

Download the mobile application according to the QR code on the product photo or here http://fir.jingzhisextoy.com/edencouple?utm_source=fir&utm_medium=qr

Save recharged. If you do not use for 6 months, recharge.

Tip: in mobile mode, tapping is quiet enough for you to take it to a restaurant with friends, for example, and you and your partner know about it.

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Weight 191 g



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