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Erotic figurine carved from cherry wood.

Fotografie krátce po natření týkovým olejem září 2022. Soška bude postupně získávat světlost blíže do barvy před natřením. Finální fotografie v létě 2023, ledaže se dříve prodá. Fotografie mírně zúžují. Reálně má dívka mírně silnější svaly a proporce fitness modelky.

Extreme level of detail and care.

Maximum emphasis on realistic proportions.

It will represent you perfectly, for example, on your desk.

A carved erotic wooden statue in this quality is truly unique. We have conducted a fairly thorough survey of the world market. Erotic wooden sculptures of this quality do not exist on the market. There are only Chinese CNC carved wooden erotic figurines in the price range of EUR 50 to EUR 200 and bronze erotic figurines around EUR 150, or clay plaster or other easily produced figurines. from 2017 – 2021, we unsuccessfully searched the world (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China) for a carver who could fulfill the task in the given quality.

The figurine is exceptionally well made without defects or cracks. The only almost imperceptible flaw is a slight indentation on the shin below the left knee. We believe that this erotic sculpture is at the very limit of human possibilities and we do not know if we will be able to repeat this performance in reality. The author exceeded our most optimistic expectations and that may not happen next time. With wood, there is no going back.

No deadline was set, only a demand for maximum realism.

The creation lasted 18 months from 11.3.2021 to 19.9.2022

15 hours of preparation and consultation 33 hours of modeling and real clay model (5 versions) 140 hours of carving and carving correction 10 hours of sanding and painting.

Other statuettes will follow over the years.

výška: 23,5cm

váha: 883g

Teak oil was chosen for surface treatment and protection. Unlike waxes, it preserves the surface of the wood.

About the Author

Lucie Hoffmannová graduated from Nový Zlíchov secondary art school in the field of artistic woodcarving and the Higher Vocational School of Art in Žižkov in the field of artistic woodcarving in 2012. She mainly works for film and restoration of monuments and private commissions (puppets, reliefs, etc.).


The buyer will also receive the original original contract with the author.

The clay model is not included in the sale. It can possibly be milked.


Extasica terms and conditions apply to the purchase of this figurine with the following exceptions.

The reservation is effective only after payment of the 20% price as a deposit. If the figurine is not picked up within 30 days, the deposit is forfeited as a contractual penalty. The figurine must be picked up from a room in the Czech Republic and its condition must be confirmed at the time of acceptance in the handover protocol.

Při koupi neplatí možnost odstoupení od smlouvy bez udání důvodu.

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