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Educating Attorney Terezka 3

Erotic short story Education of arrogant lawyer Terezka Part 3. The erotic story contains sexual themes and is intended only for people over 18 years of age. The short story features real characters and allusions, but under completely imaginary circumstances. You can freely copy and distribute the short story only as a whole and subject to leaving all the links to Sexshop Extasica.

"So how did you sleep?" they greeted Terezka the next day and were already chasing their dicks. Terezka just massaged her sore ass with her fingers. She still had it a little stretched since yesterday. Vláďa took advantage of that and immediately after lubricating his ass lubricant he began to push hard without preparation. Terezka just sighed slightly. They put it on a table on their back and Jirka slipped it into her mouth for a moment.

We brought you something nice said Lada after a while and pulled out horse dildo.

Terka was startled and began to cry in fear, "No, please, no."

Jirka took it and put on the loose asses of Terezka. Terezka began to whine. When there was about 10 cm deep encountered a bit of resistance, but a little pushed… Horse penis drove on. Terezka took a deep breath and knocked with excitement and pain. The government was massaging her breasts. "Come sit on me," he said. Terezka sat her cunt on his cock and Jirka pushed a horse dildo into her ass. She screamed loudly. "No, please no, no." Tears appeared in her eyes as he penetrated deeper and deeper into her ass. Jirka quickly pulled him out and put him back. The hole in Terezka's ass grew nicely. Jirka pulled out the whole thing penis and started pushing his palm there. When he had almost all of her there, Terezka began to scream terribly and beg for mercy. Sweat dropped on her face. Government smiled and continued to lift her ass to keep Jirka's hand in her ass farther and pounding her cunt on his dick. The tissue of Terezka's ass pulled out and came back until Terezka's ass began to lash out with Jirka's hand. Jirka's whole hand ran there for a while. Terezka took a deep breath, pulled Vláďa's dick and Jirka's hand tightly with her vaginal muscles a few times. At the same time, she gave herself a little appreciation.

"Who allowed you to pee on me!" "Excuse me, sir," Terka apologized.

"Kneel on all 4."

Then Láďa went on it, slapped her hard over her ass until she squealed, and then, too, he started to put her hand in her ass. From it, Jirka's palm was already mixed with a gel, a gut secretion with a small amount of blood from a slightly torn tissue inside his ass. Terka just sobbed as her ass continued to be massively stretched for minutes without rest. At that, Vlada slapped her butt and the pipin with her other hand. Meanwhile, Jirka pushed his dick into her throat, so that his mouth was pulled up to the root. When it came to him, he just pushed a little so his sperm would go straight to Terezka's tummy. We let her breath out for a while. Sweat ran down her body. After our hot bodies too.

"We brought you one more little present." Lada opened the door and invited two blacks with bare massive cocks. Bob started painting him a burning lubricant and climbed to a good 25 cm. Jirka and I just looked at it blankly. Terezka started screaming in shock and wanted to escape. We had to go catch and keep bent over the table. Bob got into her ass. It was fascinating to see Terka kicking desperately with her legs and that big fleshy black dick slowly but mercilessly moving more and more into Terezka's body. Theresa's desperate lament was accompanied by her deep breaths and shouts as Bob penetrated deeper and deeper. Then he threw her back on his stomach and John joined the pussy. He couldn't fit all the way, even though he pushed hard. Terezka screamed terribly, so John slowed a bit. Vlada couldn't stand it anymore, and from the top he joined John in Terezina's pussy. Bob went from his ass to his mouth and John and Jirka leaned in her ass. As she was told, Terka made herself faint. After a while we took turns. In the end, Terezka's unconscious ass could be said to both black boys at once, and Bob and John squirted into her. After a moment, she recovered and pushed a lot of dense semen out of her ass. John brushed her pussy for a little while while Terka, kneeling on four, smoked alternately Jirka Boba and Vlada. Jonh took Terka's head in his hands and pressed it heavily against his cock. Tereza sucked and choked. Bob took advantage of her inattention and pushed her hand into the pussy. She almost fainted with pain and excitement, and as she was supple, she let go of John's neck. John couldn't stand it anymore. He slammed into her limp mouth, spraying her throat. Jirka and Vláďa then gradually made into her loose lascivious ass.

"We will take a few pictures and then you have time off," said Vlada. She nodded and posed for a few minutes with a differently stretched ass and pussy for Lada's camera.

"Do you want another one tomorrow"? Jirka asked.

She knew she would only make herself more resentful. She nodded humbly "Yes sir."

"Good girl," Jirka said.

this is probably the last of the series of Education of Attorney Terezka, 17.10.2017

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