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Elektro sex

Sexual play and experience with electricity into the vagina, anal, penis, nipples and other intimate erotic places of the body.

Sexual games with electricity.

We like electricity outside or inside nature. Some customers like it differently on the body, including feet and talk about the therapeutic effects (we will verify). It is possible to perform various special pieces - interconnect eg electro pad - patch or even urethral probe in the partner's penis or urethra and with the partner's vaginal or anal probe. It is not recommended to connect nipples and place electricity on the head. Eletro sex p powered by 2 AAA batteries -9V battery basically it does not hurt, or we can roughly say that the devices go to the edge of pain and not further. The exception is peripherals, ie aids where the current is concentrated in a very small area, eg a thin wire of the pin for the breast nipple. There it then hurts at the highest performance (Editors).

Interesting insights of Milan customer

The great advantage of the knurled plug is that if it gels properly before insertion, the grooves between two adjacent bumps serve as reservoirs of gel, and so the plug remains lubricated for a long time. Feelings when using an electric urethral probe UP-E005 they're amazing, much better than classically straight probes. When the probe is pulled in / out with the generator connected, there is a beautiful mechanical irritation + changing sensations of electric irritation depending on the insertion depth. Of course, irritation is pleasant if the user is comfortable with a diameter of 8mm, which is probably a normal size. The problem with smooth plugs is that the body's water-soluble gel (and when it is supposed to flow, like water gel, not greasy / oily) gradually absorbs, and with classic straight plugs, the plug needs to be pulled out and lubricated again after one to a few minutes.

Combination of various power supply units

Alternatively, the plug can be used as a single pole, i.e., only one part of the current is released, and the counterpart is realized elsewhere, ideally by an anal probe. This brings again feelings other than the electrification of a mere penis. The taller girl's current is to lead so that each plug part has its own generator (or dual-channel channel) connected to the counterpart elsewhere on the body. Like anal, testicles, nipples. It is better to use 2 different generators (Editor's note: layman's understanding: power supplies for electrosex), because everyone works with a different periodicity, the penis accumulates currents and creates various very interesting interference and constantly changing feelings.

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