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Educating attorney Terezka

erotic story about the education of the arrogant lawyer Terezka Part 1. The erotic story contains sexual themes and is intended only for people over 18 years of age. Leave this page younger. The short story features real characters and allusions, but under completely imaginary circumstances. You can freely copy and distribute the short story only as a whole and subject to leaving all the links to Sexshop Extasica.

"So what do you say," Jirka turned to Vlada.

"Dude. I told you you couldn't deal with her. I think he's missing something. Knock it off. I'd have to totally crumble or sold her at least three times while still painting her ass to be able to talk to her. So stupid and still arrogant. I don't have the nerve anymore, get it yourself. ”

In the evening and in a neutral tone, Jirka summed up what they had agreed with Tereza earlier. Another arrogant extraterrestrial response followed (in a similar vein, perhaps fifteen).

'Dear Jirka, nothing you write is unfortunately true. That's your interpretation and I don't know where it came from. The doctor totally agrees with the sanctions, because the deadlines are very long and sufficient. It is not my fault that you put everything in your own way and you are not able to turn to a lawyer, preferably a lawyer, to explain the situation to you. I remind you that if we do not reach consensus and the purchase contract is not concluded, we will claim damages. Have a nice day

"Take her somewhere and train her there for a few weeks until she gets the sense," said Vlada.

& #8222; Hehehe & #8220; Jirka laughed half-heartedly half-horrified. & #8222; If you want, I'll make an appointment, and then I'll get lost.

"Not in this we have to go together" I wouldn't even put her in the car.

From November to December there were another 5 email exchanges. 20.12. 2016, Jirka appeared at Vlaďové dveře.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

Without a word, Jirka climbed in and placed the bottle on the table. "That's the ether," he said shakily, as if he didn't believe what he was doing.

Government sat on the couch and ran his hand across his forehead. He breathed deeply.

& #8222; Dude, Dude, & #8220; he mumbled over and over for a few minutes before he gasped it.

"OK, let's do it."

The meeting took place 27.12.2016

As always, Tereza flirted on her. She had a short black mini and white blouse. Besides, a slim figure, a face of rajda that can fuck properly and 35 years.

Vlada was adrenaline, fear and sexual excitement, just like in a pulse. He pulled a tissue handkerchief from his pocket and clutched it in his hand. He was knocking, unaware of what he was saying. Jirka the same thing. Luckily, as always, Tereza took the introductory speech confidently.

He didn't wait for anything. He threw himself at her and pushed her hard on her mouth and nose. She fought like a tigress. Just so he didn't lose his eye. Bites escaped because her mouth was covered with a rag, but his hands were properly scratched before he could jump Jirka and a little dreams of help. She flinched a few times and was already in limbo.

"What happened?" People in the next lounge asked. “She was sick. We're taking her to the doctor, ”Vláďa said casually, that is, both were white as a wall.

They loaded her in the car and took them to the room. Her panties were pulled off. Her hands and legs were tied to a heavy period table so that she was lying on her belly. Government couldn't stand it anymore and thrust him into her ass while she was in limbo. She awoke only when he rode in her for a moment.

“You bastards, what are you doing? For that, you will be in a loch. I'll arrange that for you. ”, She said between the walls caused by the constant expansion of her ass by Vlad's penis.

That lifted Vlad. He pulled the bird out of her ass, which was pretty relaxed, and took it in his hand tape whip with prickles.

Terka cried with a disbelieving look and horror in her eyes.

Government smiled contentedly.

Hvíiizd! There was a huge whistle and Terce burst into tears. She didn't.

"I'll kill you for that."

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"You get fired from work or you don't get stuck,"

Lend me too, Jirka recovered from the initial shock.

Hvíiiizd! "No, George not".

Hvíiiizd! "Please let me go."

Hvíiiizd. You won't let me that bastard, & #8220; Terka started softer.

The answer was a long, rapid whistle, with a big whistle. And the sound of an open fly. Terka's red ass really excited Jirka - so that the sexual excitement overwhelmed adrenaline and fear. He thrust it into her ass until she hissed, though she was already well stretched from the Government. The government took a silicone gag so Terka could see it and approached with a satisfied smile.

“No, please leave me alone. Please don't, ”she began to cry while Jirka was honestly pulling her ass with his 23-inch cock.

As Vláďa put his gag on, the stitching changed only as a formless squeal, interlaced with a gentle retching, as Vláďa stuffed him deeper into her mouth. And by crunching his ass wide with Jirka's strong cock. He always pulled it out completely so that he could see Teresa's pretty wide open anal, and when he was about to close, he swung it in full steam again. Terce began to wet her pussy and powerful thrusts from both sides, despite her choking and aching ass began to like. It came to her, she stopped crying, and her body and vagina began to twitch in her herds.

"Hey cat made us," said Jirka. "Well, that's nice."

"I think she needed it as salt," said Vlada, and they both grinned together.

Terka felt embarrassed and said nothing. With a gag in her mouth she couldn't.

"So, did you like that, bitch?" Asked Vlad, taking her gags.

"Fuck you asshole," Terka spat. But by then Jirka had plunged into her ass again. After a few beats, he sprayed it properly.

"Not you bastards pay it," shouted desperate Terka.

"Now I will pay," Vlada smiled, spreading her ass with his palms apart. He watched Jirka's sperm flow out for a moment, scooping it on his dick and thrusting it inside.

“Just enjoy the semen. It has very healing effects on you. I'll fuck her up when you're done, properly and responsibly, ”he chuckled.

It was a really furious fuck as soon as she exhaled, he had it there again, and even stronger. The heavy oak table had so much to do with Terka not bouncing. The target's ass was so relaxed that she didn't even close when she was pulled out occasionally, and waited greedily for her to be driven back there. When he went after three minutes he went to finish and still intensified her tears on the verge, but it stood. It was just when he let it out of her furiously pulsating spheres tightly pulled into the scrotum.

"Good girl," Vláďa patted her rainbow ass.

"Let me go now."

"Who said we will let you go," said Vlada sternly silicone how many size M na pushed him into her ass and strapped harnessto prevent its expulsion and the subsequent discharge of semen.

"You misunderstood, Teresa." Jirka joined.

“We'll start tomorrow at 6 when we get out of work. You'll wait for us, don't you? '

continue here in a few days…

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