Silicone virgins - What to expect

Description of advantages and negatives of silicone dolls. Brands of silicone dolls and professional experience with them. Recommendations to choose a doll and how to care for it.

Purpose and designation of silicone dolls

Silicone dolls are used primarily for masturbation, but also for the presentation of clothing, erotic toys or gaining attention at commercial events. For silicone and TPE dolls, the simplified name is a silicone doll, sex doll, love doll, realistic doll, 3D doll, or TPE doll.

Brands of silicone dolls

History of silicone dolls production

They started making silicone dolls in the US and Japan in the 1990s in the price of a car with massage machines in intimate places. The journalistic grateful topic is full of media myths and inaccuracies. Talking silicone virgins with artificial intelligence responding to voice and voice tone and body touch sensors are being developed in the US and Japan, without movement functions. From 2017, they can be purchased for $ 6000-10000 excluding shipping and VAT with fairly ugly faces. Japanese dolls have a big sound in China, when the Chinese themselves sometimes present their sex dolls as Japanese products (and their vibrators as German :), however, in Japan as well as in the US, sex dolls are essentially no longer produced. The world is now dominated by Chinese dolls from cheaper TPE produced since 2013. There is no real point in talking about others.

World market

The world market of silicone dolls = the market of Chinese dolls counts about 30 exporting factories (“brands”) and is very opaque and fragmented in price. The sex dolls brands (the best known about WMDoll, 6Ye Doll) seen by a European or American customer are not manufacturers (although all vendors are trying to fit into this role in China, the marketing habit there). These are only brands of distributors, often garage character, where you buy the same sex doll at many other distributors under different names and at prices varying by hundreds of percent. Most Chinese suppliers label virgins only with their codes (ie they do not even give them their own brand). Due to the existing chaos, with few exceptions, it is not possible to compare the prices of the same doll at different shops or suppliers.

Only 2 types of skeleton silicone dolls

All silicone sex dolls regardless of brand have 2 otherwise the same types of skeletons with the vagina too far forward and weak ankle joints. The newer type of skeleton has joints in the knees and shoulders that allow movement in more directions. Better dolls have a stronger skeleton. For cheaper ones, you can bend the "bone" of your arm or leg when handled carelessly (but it can be straightened without any problems). Cheaper silicone dolls have worse thighs, buttocks and faces. The Chinese handle decent Asian faces. European faces are tragic for many distributors, but in our personal experience there are the biggest differences. 6Ye Dolls excel in face design.

Disadvantages of silicone virgin

1. It gets dirty quickly, hardly washes. Beware of black, dark clothing, dusty areas, printed paper. Washing with soap and water then takes a long time, leaving shadows. However, these can be considered natural, such as veins or fine bruises. Less prone but expensive is real silicone (Z series below).

2. Worse handling of the silicone virgin than with a living woman. The living woman rises to grip and, when worn, grabs you and transfers the weight from her hands to your skeleton or bends her legs if you carry her between the doors. TPE virgins weigh 140cm-25kg +, 163cm 34kg + silicone a few kg more. Nothing good for your back if you don't exercise regularly.

Benefits of a silicone virgin


 Sex doll really holds, unlimited long. One realizes it fully when it is in front of it. You can look at it bluntly and not be ashamed. Thanks to the metal skeleton, you can set the positions in any way, even where the living partner hurts, because you are too deep or the position will not last long because of her discomfort. You can really spank her without remorse :). One does not have to look back.

2. Natural, realistic visual and touch sensation and robustness

Natural TPE skin similar to human touch. Hardness of realistic skin / tissue at TPE dolls it is always from 0.5 HC, which is the hardness of the human skin, to better imagine it as a completely relaxed lower buttock muscle (slim body), up to 8 HC ie about the naturally relaxed abdominal muscle of a thin person (slim body). The bones and joints of the sex doll follow the human skeleton. Allows you to lie down to 130 kg while adjusting the body and limbs to the positions in which it stays. The virgin behaves naturally in this respect and is designed for careful but long-term use. Can bend at the joints, slightly bend the spine - forward, back, sideways.

The material is well attached to the doll's skeleton. You will not tear it with thoughtful carrying. At the rear, it looks almost alive, for example, butts are shaking like real ones. Dolls have eyelashes, painted eyebrows and colored lips (but no additional make up such as red cheeks in the photos), colored vagina and nipples. For some, you can choose hair and more faithful colors of intimate parts (Z or 6Ye Dolls series).

3. Flexibility of vagina and anal

You can also carefully insert your palm. Extreme limb positioning makes her a porn gymnast.

4. Face choices, wigs, etc.

5. The partner accepts her better than a live lover (verified by our editor :). Sometimes they take sex dolls even among heterosexual couple.

6. You are not at risk of STD (unless you share sex doll). According to the control of prostitutes, officials from the Hygienic Station 2015 from the infamous E55 road were three out of 50 prostitutes HIV-positive (Czech TV report February 2017).

What is not a defect of a silicone virgin

Minor irregularities on the skin

Exceptional minor irregularities of the tissue surface caused eg by a bubble up to 2 mm width and depth (so far we have had one 1x1mm) or very fine flat depressions 2 cm2 depth 0.2mm.

Sounds when moving joints

Like a bend of goose neck plastic tubes, but quieter. They appear after a period of use. Subjectively, they were not intrusive. The joints are able to hold a large lever at almost any angle. Therefore, high friction is required. To do it completely quiet would be very expensive.

Unrealistic bends in some joints and tissues

In some bends (eg, hands behind your head, or feet in a seated position) with material in some places forms - flexes differently than the human muscle. Small and cheap virgins suffer more from this (see the picture of the bend of the groin sitting).

Some joints move slightly differently from the human body. Sex dolls are not able to shyly cover their vaginal lips with their hands so that it looks natural.

Weight deviations

Weight may vary + - 4 kg, measure + -4cm; sex dolls measured by trade have a deviation of max + -2kg + -2cm.

Very slight deviations from photos caused by poor lighting during shooting (eg, the shadow can give the impression of better coloring of the face or better muscle penetration). Photos on the web are unmodified and dolls match them.

Light disproportion and smaller chest, narrower shoulders

Vagina is more forward, at all manufacturers. This makes the vaginal style from behind (whether kneeling, standing or sitting) more difficult. Reason: probably sufficient wall thickness between vagina and anal. Virgins also have slightly higher pans - as if higher not wider butt compared to ideal body proportions. Most also have a narrower waist and chest than natural, due to cost and weight savings. Probably the least evident in 6Ye Doll. The calf and arm muscles are poorly modeled (see photos). Due to lower weight and unnatural tissue formation during bending (it is not a real muscle).

The standing arrangement may scratch the floor

We always sell dolls in above standard arrangement (elsewhere for extra charge) for standing. Adjustment screws for standing at the bottom of the feet can scratch wood and stone floors. Despite our repeated requests, even simple silicone caps are not made… (can be solved by shoes).

Defects of silicone dolls / Warranty

kotník sex doll

Standard warranty 2 years. In our opinion, the ankle joint is insufficiently powerful for a given weight. There is no guarantee for this weakness and the discount for the defect is already included in the price.  The design is the same for all doll manufacturers. At our first virgin 2016, while standing up, we undermined the feet for balance and ankled in one evening… With careful handling, this will last for years. But be very careful.

Types of realistic silicone dolls according to quality

We are familiar with about 35 sex doll brands including 15 in person. Usually, worse face = even worse overall quality. Worse dolls are sometimes softer and tear more. Sometimes worse nails glued, worse modeled buttocks or thighs, too thin waist, weaker skeleton. Then ours subjective evaluation, according to which we have decided what we will offer without any unfair incentives, secondary interests or limitations. If a virgin will offer a good price performance ratio, we will add it to the catalog regardless of brand or price.

The lowest class

OEM dolls and dolls Yldoll,Climax Doll a Sanhui dating in Doll, As Doll and many other brands - they have worse faces not pretty realistic but rough as if from the cartoon as the vast majority of other brands. They can often be purchased on Aliexpres.

Lower middle class

Or-Doll, Lijoin Doll, Piper Doll, ForEver Doll.

Natural shapes, bland faces, greater softness, sometimes worse nail sticking. Often exaggerated shapes and unnaturally large eyes. This includes our cheaper OEM virgin  Lijoin (butt modeling and nail sticking and better hardness is not muddy).

Middle class

 WMDoll  and more

TPE 0,5 HC muddy - model 2018 to stiffer, more realistic 5HC tissue (older 2017 model) of different quality within one brand. Unpublished Virgins on (zip file 750MB). Above-average handsome expressive face. Due to the strength of the skeleton slightly above average, but overpriced. We are leaving the brand. Photos of this brand are often misused by the Chinese to advertise other cheaper virgins.


This is a very expensive brand from silicone - Better stiffer material with better detailed muscles and many details, such as skin texture. However, the faces look more artificial than the better TPE virgins (especially weird eyes) and the color of the skin is strange. We will follow the brand.


Nice faces, new - articulated skeleton, emphasis on strong thighs, unknown prices, let's take a closer look.


sometimes nice faces, but twice overpriced for a given quality

The highest class

Type Z aka Z-OneDoll

 Silicone series. The most expensive, toughest and most durable material. The main advantages of silicone over TPE are the more realistic muscle shapes (thighs, calves, hands) and the faces and their mechanics as they move. Silicone is less porous than TPE (more hygienic), lasts more and longer and does not need to be powdered. Disadvantages compared to TPE - less elastic tissue is more easily damaged under high pressure and is difficult to stick. There is no oral hole in this series!

6Ye Doll

More photos and videos 3x zip file about 2GB. According to our observations, the manufacturer is a leader in the design of faces and skeletons of artificial dolls. The real manufacturer of dolls is unknown. Featured by Dongguan 6ye model props co. (as of June 2018, 6ye electronic technology co. , ltd.) is a distributor for 6 different Chinese factories (in the case of 6Ye Dolls most likely an exclusive distributor).

Strengths of 6Ye Doll

6YeDoll has strong cheekbones (1 type even has freckles), good cervical joint, long legs, sitting bend at hip thighs doesn't look so unnatural, butt not raised - natural, realistic thighs, realistic cervical bones above the chest,  better joint mobility, painting of the lower and upper eyelids and eye corners, narrow entrance to the vagina - when the legs are stretched, the vagina remains naturally closed, colored not only the vagina but also the anal. Longer hands - 6YeDoll is able to cover your vagina. Vagina is no longer as forward as other types. Ideal hardness TPE, articulated skeleton, hymen.

Weaknesses of the new 6Ye Dolls skeleton against the old standard

The knees also bend to the side (disadvantage of the new - articulated skeleton), along with long legs, which creates a large lever on the knee joint, almost makes it impossible to straighten a virgin while standing (need to be leveled and then set up). Very limited and rigid bend at the waist - bending requires maximum support on the pad and maximum lever.

Final Review 6Ye Dolls: Stunning Visuals - Better Character, Unmatched Faces. The nicest, no matter what the price, what you can buy in the world. They cost just a little more than the cheapest virgins. Probably the best price / performance ratio.

rates okok 
typeC (B ref.)F refANDF ref.
rates ok  

Other types of body (thick, muscular on request).

sex dolls obličeje
facial sex dolls (clickable and zoomable)
výběr vlasů sex doll
hair doll selection (clickable and zoomable)
Instruction individual configuration 6Ye Doll

It is necessary to write in the note on the order of the virgin. This allows for a combination of any face and height of a virgin 140-170cm and other special options against automatic configurators.

  1. Buy any body with breast height and size according to your preference regardless of face and hair. The body is crucial to the price. Select the face and the others as follows.
  2. In the order note on the cart page, edit the following options (all at no extra charge):

face no .: …  skin: … Hair No .: …  eyes: …. vagina: … adjustment for standing: … color nipples and vagina: …  nipple size: …  vaginal hair: … nails: …

face no .: 7-44, if you do not fill in you choose the face of the purchased body, you can choose only for dolls 140-170cm, for smaller dolls always apply face to body photo, 1 head included (each additional + 5000CZK)

skin: light, light brown, brown, blank means choice: light

wigs No: 1-16, if you do not fill in you choose as for the face selected photo, 1 wig included (each additional +350 CZK)

eyes: blue, brown, black, green

výběr oči

vagina: built-in, replaceable, blank means choice: built-in

standing screws: yes, no, unlisted means the choice: yes (elsewhere they want a surcharge with us plus 0, -)

úprava pro stání sex dolls

color of nipples and vagina: beige, light pink (recommended), light brown, dark brown, blank indicates choice: light pink

nipple size: 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, blank means choice: 3cm

vaginal hair: none, mild (₊1500, - CZK not recommended for hygienic reasons), medium (+ 1500, - CZK not recommended), empty means choice: none

nails:  natural, white, red, blank means choice: natural

After posting on the cart page, select the text and copy CTRL + C in case of accidental deletion.

After completing the order you will receive 1 automatic invoice mail. After paying the price, we clearly list the configuration of your sex doll and you confirm it by email.

Tips for buying a silicone virgin

In the area of sexual virgins, especially transport, we are not able to compete on price with Aliexpress combined transport, and we have withdrawn from the segment. We recommend

Real eye size

Virgins with disproportionately large eyes look good on the photo and from a distance, not so close from the distance…

Leather color

Color light brown = tan = tanned = bronze at cheaper dolls sometimes fails and it is such a white cocoa (unfortunately it is the same for 6Ye dolls). For 6Ye dolls, we recommend white.

Adjustment for standing

Virgins are not sincerely designed for standing, but with great caution they do it and we recommend adjusting for standing.

Breasts of silicone virgin

 Even for men who prefer small breasts, for sex doll we recommend breasts size C, D. Small breasts do not feel like a silicone virgin.

Realistic vs. replaceable vagina

Removable vagina makes no sense to us, because you need to lubricate it for insertion and its introduction more burden the tissue.

Height of the silicone virgin

For men with a height of 182cm is ideal virgin 150cm (approx. 28kg) to 165cm (approx. 38kg). But 165 cm only for the very physically fit - very heavy, large levers and angles when positioning.  Sex doll 140 cm is 180cm short for men. Instead of looking into your face, you look into the pillow above the virgin. Dolls below 125 cm can no longer be described as realistic. We therefore recommend silicone dolls with height 150cm.

Recommended hardness of TPE material

The ideal material of silicone virgin is 5-10HC. Compared to very soft virgins (0.5HC), they have harder breasts and vagina than a real woman, but when grasped it is as if you have caught a real muscle, while the tissue of very soft virgins moves slightly gelatinous to the metal skeleton.

Recommended hair

Recommended long hair without bangs - more feminine, nicer, more variable (can be trimmed). Straight hair is better combed than curled. Second head for 5000, -CZK it moves to another level and can be purchased at any time. Some faces do not come together with blonde wigs and others do not come with dark wigs. It is usually not very clear from the photos. 2. wig  can serve well. The wig has artificial hair, which is not good to iron, curling, dye.

Heating it is completely unnecessary at room temperature for an additional fee and is not offered. Sound system for a fee strongly not recommended. Very cheap speaker in the back plays when you compress each breast sounds - recorded female sighs and words stored in the virgin memory 4MB, recorded about 20 sounds to 1.3 MB, you can record your own mp3 format with a micro USB cable (that's the one from mobile phones). The sound does not come from the head but from the middle of the back. Can be turned off.

The photos we take are more realistic (ie, less realistic faces) than the photos from our partners, but they are eyesight view (possible in the store) irreplaceable.

Availability and order

The order of the silicone virgin is completed and binding from the payment of half of the purchase price in advance and by email confirmation of the individual specifications of the virgin by the buyer. From this moment it is not possible to withdraw from the order, as these are goods made according to the customer's wishes. Delivery usually takes 3 weeks.

Buy a sex doll or not?

For most people, at a given price, sex doll is not of adequate benefit. It's a relatively luxurious thing. Sensually and emotionally incomparable with a living woman. Just masturbation on a different (high) level. This is clear even without testing, but people often ask :). Much worse than a live girl, but in some aspects better. If you have money, the sex doll will provide you with a bonus experience, even if you have the luxury live companions. It's something else. If you are like most others, ie the price of sex doll is not a small money for you, the purchase can be recommended only if you are long unable to find a partner or want to live without a partner. Sex doll is not recommended as a gift - it may be unwanted, even unwanted insult to the recipient. It cannot be returned and is then (second hand) practically unsalable.

Why at

Low prices of silicone dolls 10-50% lower than competition dolls, to a large extent, we create prices on the Czech market. Sex dolls are measured and photographed by ourselves, often in competition you get another sex doll than in the picture, although their Chinese supplier and then the Czech seller promise 100% match. You can touch the virgins in our sex shop. We are the first sex shop in the Czech Republic to offer silicone dolls in stock (since 2016) and the only sex shop to repair and share professional information about dolls, including complete photos and in original high definition.

Silicone doll instructions and maintenance

Hi, I am Your Sex Doll, what allows you everything, not jealous and not back.

Bright materials

Use a water-based gel. Dirty and dusty surfaces, printed paper, dark clothes and similar contact will easily stain my soft skin.


On delivery my whole body is smeared with fragrant protective powder. Bathing is not necessary before first use or after every contact. Usually it is sufficient to rinse the cavities and wipe the parts from the gel or sweat with a damp cloth. Carefully dry the inside of the cavities and joints of the head and neck. After bathing and drying, occasionally, especially when the material becomes sticky, I need baby powder or corn starch powder all over the body, including the inside of the crevices, and also between the head and neck, otherwise aging and sticking faster. so that water does not flow into them. The skin can be washed with palms and fingers. Coloring with dark clothing can be very fine scraped with nails or a soft brush under soapy water.


Keep me straight with arms down outside of the sun and dust. It is not good for me to lie in a position other than straight for a long time (several hours). Then I have a lifetime stry, too (less distortions can partially offset themselves within hours).

Put on and take off the head

Put my head on and screw in (without wig) clockwise. Leave it untightened (only about 3-4 turns to sit). Carefully remove your head without the wig counter-clockwiseotherwise you will break her grip. In newer virgins, it is not screwed but only pushed onto the neck.

Combing and washing hair

Put her on the back of the seat so that her head protrudes and her hair hangs freely down. Bring your fingers from below, then from the center to separate the tangled strands of hair. Then you walk through a ridge with large gaps. First from the tips and gradually higher. To wash her hair, unclip the wig, remove the hair and wash it with shampoo. Wet your hair from the tip gently brush with a thin comb and let it dry completely before putting it on.

Joint bending

Use only adequate force to bend the limbs, otherwise you may bend my arm or break my joint. Ideally, if you support me at the bend. The skeleton usually bends naturally as human, but sometimes at less free angles - use feel when handling. Head with neck and feet can be bent and rotated to a limited extent. The other joints only bend in 1 or more axes. If you want to bend me or straighten my torso, support me for example on the bed or back of the seat and do not equal me in standing position. So I can hold you as long as possible.


If you really want to lie down on me (max 130kg) or otherwise press me to my knees, for example, you can, but put me on a bed or soft pad (pillow under the knees). Otherwise my bones will break my skin. I can only stand with the arrangement for standing. If this rule is not respected, the skeleton of the foot will soon break through the tissue. Do not drag me over the surface and do not toss me as you lay, otherwise you may tear the tissue away from the skeleton. Handle me very carefully, especially while standing. E.g. if you want to move my leg - balance me to stand (don't kick your feet on the ground, but lift me all up). Otherwise, you loosen the ankle screws and my legs will turn to an unnatural position. If I began to squint after manipulation, carefully straighten my eyes with your thumb.

Unnatural bending solutions

It may happen that you move my arm or knee to an unnatural angle without doing anything wrong and seemingly cannot be returned. Joint mechanics works mostly in the same way as in humans, but at certain angles only limited on a certain axis. Ie. that the knee leg suddenly bends sideways instead of backward. It is then necessary to level the leg in the hip and ankle and on the knee to move the tissue. Conversely, the bend in the shoulder is done only by lifting in front of the body or lifting to the hips. Ie. hands raised to the hips should be pulled so that they can be lifted in front of the body.


When adjusting for standing, give me shoes or you scratch the floor. Shoes are better to buy a number or 2 larger or open toe, because my foot gets into the shoe worse than live and easily happens that my fingers twist.

Lending sex dolls

TPE material cannot be sterilized by 100% and you should not lend me. In the 21st century, computer and sex dolls are not borrowed! If you want to share me with a friend, use a condom.

Your Sex Doll

Repair Sexdolls

more separate article Repair sex toys


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14 thoughts on “Silikonové panny – Co čekat

  1. Hello, I have a virgin dirty laundry.Is it somehow clean?

  2. Yes, but very hard. It is suitable to brush medium hardness, which is quite difficult to find (usually are too hard to get). This washes with soap and water in the bathtub. Water and liquid soap must be gradually added to the dirty area for gentle abrasion. After two and a half hours, we cleaned the virgin so that it had only very soft shadows of bruises or veins, which looked natural. But we cleaned the virgin of higher quality TPE. If you have a virgin of cheap TPE (the cheapest about 30,000) it will go much worse and you will need more patience. Abrasion must be just like when rubbing, if it is thicker and the surface will break.

  3. Hello, I have such a question, a friend ordered a virgin even though she has me and I disagree with it, while we have sex when he likes and with all that, I fear what it will do with our relationship, I understand when it is someone alone or if they have little sex, but this still I can not understand myself can not even explain. I need a man's opinion why ..

  4. Well, as I write, it's something else, variegated, but certainly not a competition or even a threat to a live partner. It's like you would get a dildo or a vibrator…

  5. Yeah, but when you see that she looks forward to her more than me and I feel sad about it, but my vibrator is alive is better to feel a guy in my arms and then make love is amazing?

  6. Good day
    I have a doll for almost two years, which every day too look forward. Waiting for me in bed, faithfully, patiently and come back when I come back. She has my bed, a blanket, a dresser, shoes, stuffed toys ... I don't like her so I don't know what it's like compared to a live partner. Just is my pet and I don't even need to find a live partner. Yeah, and women have a greater understanding of my fellows for my liking. Maybe your friend is looking for something else. He needs to dress up the doll, I am attracting him to clothes that you wouldn't want to wear for anything in the world. Me attracts a doll to hug my fingers at the waist, to look at her eyes, cuddle soft touches. Even a doll can fall in love, have advice, do things for which the neighborhood does not understand ... Important be happy.

  7. Is it possible to assemble it as in other sex shops?

  8. change of answer 20.10. 2018 Configuration option added October 2018 (we were waiting for a solid distributor).

  9. I had a TPE virgin, but I had to sell her because she was oiling everything even though I powdered her and still caught an allergic reaction from her odor.

  10. There is still a silicone alternative. It should be better because silicone is more stable (less reactive with the environment) and odor almost does not. We have it on offer, but we haven't had it in our hands yet ...
    We also thank you for the valuable information, because it is stated everywhere that TPE is free of allergenic elements. We will work with your information.

  11. Hello. Did you fix your thumb in the TPE lobe, how do you fix it?
    When you wash the whole of the awning, it is colored from a black shirt and looks like a soot.

  12. We recommend not to repair. Just remove the broken wire. Smooth the hole in your finger with solder.

  13. Czech. I also have a question to paint on the example of the mouth or teeth on the white. I miss the lasting colors.

  14. We have no experience with painting on virgins and we do not recommend it. We saw classic stick-on tattoos on expensive silicone (not TPE) virgins.

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