Penis vacuum pump Z006-M

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penis vacuum pump

we recommend buying a vagina Donut,

silicone hose, container interior 20cm x 5.3cm, ABS, silicone hose, manufacturer, China, Z006 - M & #8216;

Instruction: Apply to the skin. Pump up to pain. Release by the button on the pump at the hose. Gel (water or silicone base, not oil) should be applied to the inner seal of the penis hole. This allows insertion of the penis and promotes adhesion. Shaving promotes sealing. Washing water, soap. Use any pump for a maximum of 15 minutes only for masturbation, immersion or excitement. Not painfully. According to current scientific knowledge, it is not possible to expect permanent enlargement of body parts.

after purchasing silicone tubing with valve, it can be combined with other flasks and tubing from Realov

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  1. redakce -

    + price
    + silicone hose for the given price category

    - will not create as painful a vacuum as expensive pumps and will need to blow more

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