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a vaginal vacuum pump with sufficient space for tissue suction.

Jediná funkční na trhu. Ostatní sou buď příliš mělké (nesají) či příliš velké (nepřilnou viz Sexual Museum).

The container valve holds the air even after the hose is disconnected.

The gasket was made exclusively for Extasica. Increases comfort, reduces grip, can be removed.

Tip: works better after negating the edges of the bank and shaving the wedge. Works smoothly on shaved wedges or girls over 155cm. Only very small girls up to 155cm with pubic hair can have a problem with sucking (the flask is large for them) and must then be attached as high as possible to catch a little skin from the abdomen. It grabs even 150cm, 38kg hairy girl figure. If that doesn't help, buy any penis pump (works also for deep sucking labia).

internal dimension with seal 9,1 × 6,2cm, depth 5cm, ABS, silicone hose, manufacturer Realov, CE Certification, P002-V, EAN 6935847728029, 210g

Instruction: Apply to skin. Pump at most into pain. Release by button on the pump. Lubrication of the rim of the flask promotes adhesion (water gel or silicone base, not oil). Shaving promotes sealing. Wash water, soap. Use for a maximum of 15 minutes only for masturbation or to increase arousal. Not painfully. According to current scientific knowledge, pumps cannot be expected to permanently enlarge parts of the body. To disconnect and connect the hose from the container, press the metal lever on the top of the container.

alternative product: the Realov men's pump can be purchased separately from us only jar (and hose)


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  1. redakce -

    + the only functional on the market
    + sufficient space for suction
    + detachable flask
    + removable silicone seal to order Extasica
    + can be combined with other Realov pumps
    + price

    - None

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