Silicone catheter 350 * 8,5mm

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silicone catheter with penis attachment and plug

The great advantage of this catheter is that it is very well rounded and does not injure the mucosa. In contrast, hospital latex catheters have sharp edges in the filling hole.

The cavity allows you to urinate and inflate the bladder, can be sterilized by boiling and used repeatedly.

It can't be worn all the time because it makes you urinate. It can be used as a mild form of torture.

So far, this catheter is the only one of the 4 tested to have our recommendation.

size M 35 & #215; 0,85cm, medical silicone, OEM Funny Steel, 20g

special features of the sexual aid: a catheter that does not cut the urethra and can be reused

Instruction: Wash water, soap. Water-based gels (not silicone). Thread one of the 2 retaining rings (inner diameter 26 and 31mm) onto the acorn and secure with a hook against squeezing the catheter. Secure with cap and insert into urethra. You can disinfect by boiling in water. see more urethral games

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  1. redakce -

    + unlike hospital catheters, it does not cut the mucosa
    + can be secured against falling out
    + can be used repeatedly

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