Waving penis KM011 21.5 * 3.8cm


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Circularly swinging dildo for remote control

two-layer silicone, harder inner layer keeps the mold, outer softer for greater realism

liquid silicone, ideal hardness 8HC, weight 392g, 360 ° rotation (more precisely 7cm at the top deviates circularly from the axis up to about 4cm - dildo waving in a circle), 10 movement frequencies

It does not vibrate on its own. Secondary vibrations are caused only by the movement of the dildo.

KM Global DO-011-M-Flesh

Instructions: Pressing the main button under the testicles activates (deactivates the white LED) for 3 seconds and deactivates it. A short press changes the frequency.

Remote control: Pressing the switch activates + changes frequencies.

Store charged and deactivated (white LED under testicles does not light). Recharge when not used for 6 months.

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