Pros massager MR 10 * 2.5cm

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remote control prostate vibrator

7 frequencies, very quiet motor N20 Tungsten Steel Motor, 30dB according to our methodology, Li-on battery 1250mAh, endurance 1h, USB charging, water resistance IPX 6 (shower, no bath), medical silicone (ABS reinforcement), 62g, Mrimin, CE Certification, SN MR-06A

Instruction: It is activated and deactivated by a long press (4 seconds) on the vibrator (relief button on silicone). The vibrator diode will light. A short press changes the frequency. The remote control, including its own diode, works the same way (the vibrator must also be activated to work). Switch off the vibrator by long press (or long press twice) and make sure that it cannot be activated by long press on the remote control. Store the vibrator at least half-charged. Recharge after 6 months of non-use. The LED flashes while charging (approx. 1.5 hours). Charging cable (USB or mobile phone charger) included. The charging hole under the switch is very small for water protection. It is marked with a relief ring on silicone or labeled "DC5V". Do not be afraid to insert the connector through the silicone. Water-based oil gels, not silicone. 

The remote control has a replaceable LR23 (2033) battery. To replace, lightly press on one side of the battery to tilt, on the other side slightly lever the knife.

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