Fake penis piercing

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Fake penis piercing

M 35mm inner / 41mm outer, 15g

L 40mm inner / 46mm outer, 18g

max. distance of the hook from the base of the circle 34mm, wire thickness 3.1-3.3mm, the diameter of the ball 8mm can handle any penis

Easy to install. Good workmanship. Can be worn for a long time. During sex, it irritates the woman's clitoris or the G-spot in men, then the end of the urethra. Under the foreskin it looks a bit like piercing. Alternatively, it can also be pulled over the foreskin to twist the penis submissively. We recommend

stainless steel, good workmanship, Funny Steel

Instructions: Cross the acorn with the ball on the ring facing down. Swivel hook in the urethra - is small, allowing ejaculation.


Manual size reduction instructions:

aids: ideally small levers or a saw blade for iron (combinations are not enough) and a hammer or combinations

Spring (gently pull) the wire by hand and remove the ball. Shorten the wire by the required length circumference = 2pí * r (actually 1cm on each side of the wire). Tap or use pliers (combos) to pull the wire together so that it is as round as possible. Lightly pull the wire by hand with the spring to insert the ball. Click the ball.

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  1. redakce -

    + painless fake penis piercing
    + design
    + price
    + with a little dexterity can be reduced to any penis size
    + very successful


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