Stainless steel chain / 1m

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price for 1 meter

for hanging, whipping, stylish attaching to furniture, bonding handcuffs, stylish leash

3mm -  load capacity 90kg, 155g

4mm - load 150kg, 300g

When taking more pieces (more meters), state in the note how you want to cut the ordered meters or whether to keep them in their entirety. If you do not write it, 1m will be cut for each piece.

stainless steel, China

We recommend to buy 2 connecting cables Ra articles or snap hooks (not included) for connection with handcuffs or rope.

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twisted galvanized steel - 3mm, straight stainless 3mm, straight stainless 4mm


1 review for Nerez řetěz /1m

  1. redakce -

    + very nice stylish chain
    + relatively smooth weld visually and tactilely (does not scratch at all)
    + high load capacity
    + stainless steel

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