Leather handcuffs Extasica BD

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quality leather handcuffs made of core calfskin

size uni - wrist circumference 14-24cm (even for very thin girl's hands up to average men's ankles), bottom waist size 26x6cm

our highest quality leather handcuffs (still made)

Benefits for other quality handcuffs:

Bottom belt non-colored very fine light high quality leather like padding

Middle support belt non-colored light brown cowhide.

Stainless steel upper tightening strap cowhide on a rounded buckle (does not hurt, can be locked), 3 loops prevents the belt from standing

Top and middle belt connection designed to handle tight not only strong but also very delicate girl's hand.

two rows of studs for a rougher handling

soft, very strong, significantly it smells on the skin (because they are full leather and not dyed)

size uni, material 3 kinds of cowhide, cleaning with a damp cloth, brand Black Dog, production by J&M Sewing Kft., Hungary, design Extasica Czech

can be purchased

stainless steel chain 25cm or longer

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snap hooks


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  1. redakce -

    + all genuine soft leather
    + design by Extasica
    + flexibility of use and size
    + round buckle

    - slightly lower quality leather than the original Extasica handcuffs produced in the Czech Republic (no longer produced)

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