Hegar dilator set 8PC 3-18mm

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set of dilators for urethra expanding

Each end of the dilator has a different size (increasing the diameter by 1 mm), a smooth surface and a transition in the middle. Engraving size numbers. Top quality.

length 20 cm, double end, diameter 3-18mm, case, Hegar dilator set, urethral probe, urethral plug, urethral dilatation, 100% recommended, brass, quality chrome, 418g, Pakistan, Jazzy Instruments, certification for medical use in Great Britain

Instruction: Beginner can introduce the size of 9-10 mm. Due to the rounding, the probe cannot be snapped in and cannot be removed. The woman has a shorter urine tube. However, some are able to accommodate the entire probe. We do not recommend the overall introduction for women, as the probe could fit. Even a woman should be able to push her out. Women are usually able to handle a larger diameter than men after training. More also Recommendations for the purchase and use of sexual aids - urethral games


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Weight 420 g


2 reviews for Hegar dilator set 8PC 3-18mm

  1. Rated $s out of 5

    redakce -

    + quality. Fine rounding. Even after 7 years of rough use, including falls to the ground, it shows no signs of use or damage to chromium.
    + price Elsewhere they sell even for a meaningless 400 Euros. However, you will not get below 70 Euros in the EU…
    + flexibility thickness and length, dual ends
    + design
    + TOP product. A heartfelt affair that we enjoyed very much and that brought us into business.
    + certification for medical use in the UK

    - None

  2. Rated $s out of 5

    Mirda -

    I have to praise this set. I was scared at first, but my wife did it gently. Caution first. Definitely start with a smaller diameter and a lot of lubrication. On the first try, she pushed 8 mm into me without a problem, it drove into me like butter. I felt beautiful excitement and other pleasures, suddenly a blowjob. Sometimes a woman makes me deliberately leave the dilator inside and I can go crazy when she can't cum out and starts to wrap around the dilator. I think what an erection is. After a few months of stretching, the woman stuffs 16 mm into me and sometimes she pushes my little finger away. She likes my hole in the penis when it's big, but it's probably not enough for her, because she's already trying to bump into a dilator with a diameter of 17 and 18 mm or an OUCHH ring. And that's one of the few practices he does with me, I might tell.
    So great for me….

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