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elektrošokový vibrátor na dálkové ovládání, na vajíčku aktivuje pouze vibrace (12 frekvencí), ovládání mobilem vibrace a navíc i elektrošoky (3frekvence)

vibration and electrical damage can be triggered simultaneously or independently


very flexible use, Can be taken into the company and accidentally turned on without others knowing about it. With caution, it is possible in the tapping mode even in very quiet places like a library :), electric shocks are absolutely quiet

really a TOP product in its category

medical silicone, USB vibrátor na dálkové ovládání, 12 frekvencí, li-on baterie, CE certifikace, vodotěsné, IPX7, dálkové ovládání, 62g (15g ovladač), 35-65 db, Lybaile – Pretty Love. Dobíjecí Li-On baterie vydrží 50 minut. BI-014609HP-1

Instructions: Activation and deactivation long press of the switch on the egg (3 seconds), short press changes the frequency. The diode in the tail indicates switching on. It charges for 60 minutes, the diode in the body (not in the tail) is constantly lit during it. When recharging, it turns off. USB cable included. Insert the connector of the supplied cable into the small hole marked DC on the silver surface. Water gels, oil base (not silicone).
Install any QR code reader, go to the offered link, download and install the Pretty love application (on their website you need to click on the image of a red sphere with a big "P" ring). Turn on the vibrator and bluetooth on your mobile. In the application, click on "start searching" to search and everything will continue automatically. "Self control mode" - selection of frequencies, "Free control mode" tapping or pulling mode (vibrations are milder at the bottom of the screen) and "Music control mode" playing according to the music on the mobile phone. Save recharged. If you do not use it for more than 6 months, charge the battery.

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