Mrimin Deep Inflatable Dragon 54×6,3cm LS!

Extra Long Inflatable Dragon Dildo


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Thick walls made of very soft and super elastic silicone - 2019 technology. In the body it behaves like human tissue - it does not compress.

The silicone plug can be removed and the included foam tube inserted for reinforcement and ease of insertion. However, it can be introduced without much difficulty without reinforcement.


From Extasica testing

+ reinforced soft tip and strong soft walls (it won't just puncture and burst), can be used without inflation

+ quality metal valve - does not trap air

+ stretches wide and deep

+ When inflating, it expands regularly, as in the picture (it does not deform into bubbles).

+ very large inflation, the air holds even after the inflatable hose is detached


- for such a large dildo the inflatable balloon has a small volume and needs to be squeezed for a long time

- the use is not intuitive, the instructions must be strictly followed


special features of the sex aid: liquid silicone, extra long, inflatable

 Hardness 13 HC, liquid platinum silicone, CE Certification, 740g


Do an enema. The food residue would grind your tissue and silicone.

Fold the golden circle up a few centimetres.

Insert the rubber stopper all the way in (you can even dip the stopper a little).

Pull the retaining gold ring on the plug. Failure to follow the procedure will result in the cork coming loose.

Guide the needle through the middle of the plug to the end of the needle (otherwise it will not inflate).

Close the metal valve on the balloon to the right and inflate.

If you separate the needle from the plug, the pin holds the air. To deflate, the needle must be fully inserted again and the valve released to the left.

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Weight 750 g


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  1. Extasica redaction -

    Good product , but use is not intuitive. It is necessary to follow the instructions strictly. See our review in the product description.

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