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Anal hook for stimulating a partner during sex, positioning and immobilization. E.g. kneeling or standing by her hair or collar.

Very strong.

It is not used for hanging.

Quality chrome plating lasts for years.

Hollow very strong and light steel.

The weld of the ball contains small imperfections that are not perceptible by the body and do not reduce comfort. But small amounts of water can get into the hook when washing. From a hygienic point of view, this is not a problem. Metal is hostile to bacteria. But after years the toy can start to rust. That's a tax at a third the price of a stainless steel hook. It is not a defect but a manufacturing feature in this price category.

biggest ball 35 mm, 220x125x12-35mm, 150g, CE Certification, Funny Steel

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Weight 160 g


2 reviews for Anální hák s kuličkami

  1. redakce -

    + for several years without signs of use
    + variability of use (eg partner can be additionally stimulated during sex)
    + strong psychological effect

  2. Vasek -

    Hák je úplně skvělý a díky němu v pozici subika při cvičení zažívám nepoznané a extrémně silné orgasmy

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